how to host facebook parties

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22 December 2015


Strong Habet Team

How To Host Facebook Parties

Would you like to sell more products and grow your business? Have you thought about hosting Facebook parties but didn’t know how?

Online parties are an ideal way to expand your FM World business into new areas, people who live too far away from you to have a home party could have a Facebook one instead. They are perfect for when the weather is bad. Men are also more likely to attend online parties.

Today, we would like to share with you how to prepare for your party to make it more successful. Things that work well for offline, can work online/Facebook parties too.

Host Coaching

Email pdf catalogues to your host and ask them to forward it to all their guests.

Ask host to write a wishlist of FM items they would like if money was no object.

Phone your host and tell them how many party sales they would need to get the items they want the most. E.g. if they wanted £30 of products and you had decided that you were going to give them 10% of product sales in free products then the goal of the party would be £300.

Ask them who are they going to invite to the party? Have they included work colleagues? Parents from school?

They could show catalogues to friends not on Facebook, any orders from them will count towards the party total too.

Tell them about extra rewards you offer for any more party bookings they help you get.

how to host facebook parties

Creating The Event

Create party from your fan page, not from your personal profile.

The best evenings for the actual party event date are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Sundays can work in winter.

Make your host an admin of the event and get them to share the link with potential guests via a personal message in the same friendly way they would give a party invite offline.

The title of your event is important too, you want it to show people a benefit that they will get from attending. For example, Ann’s FM Party – Luxury Perfumes For Under £25

Make the cover photo for the event attention grabbing ( is great for creating the pictures including Facebook covers)

Your first post on your event page should be a picture of you, a few short sentences about yourself (e.g. you are a mum with 2 kids, what fun hobbies you have), include that you enjoy being a FM distributor and tell people to invite people their friends who like perfume (or whichever product you are focusing the party on) to the party.

Let guests know how you wish them to order, for example it might be to message you and then you will send them a paypal payment request. If you are only accepting orders from UK for example, include this info too.

Put up a post to tell guests that if they would to see a catalogue to text or email you. This gets you their contact details.

Tell them that they can invite their friends to the party, and offer a small reward for doing so, the reward could simply be your top tips on how to apply perfume for example.

Give Encouragement

Offer an incentive for people to place early bird orders (those are the ones before the day of party) with you.

Each day in the week running up to the event day, post up a picture (again use to create them) on your event page of a few products that you think compliment each other well and offer this set at a slightly lower price as offer of the day.

Keep checking back on your event page, respond to comments and questions quickly, thank people for their orders.

Get the host to put post a thank you to those who say they are going to attend the party; the host should tag the person in that post too.

Encourage those who have had catalogue to post up a picture of themselves with the catalogue and / or their wishlist. Give a prize for the best one. This will help to generate more publicity for your party.