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29 October 2016


Strong Habet Team

How to Promote Yourself on Twitter: Top FM Business Tips

Twitter is, without a doubt, one of the most effective tools around today for smart and decisive marketing. Promoting yourself on Twitter, though, can be an expensive mistake if you do not know where to start. Every business, including Network Marketing distributors, needs a good piece of promotion, and using a real-time platform with millions of users just looking for things to do, find and talk about sounds perfect as a starting point.

So, how do you go about successfully and actively promoting yourself and your Network Marketing business on Twitter? What tricks can a small business use for greater success moving forward?

promote on twitter
promote on twitter

Get Networking

Start off by doing a little searching and networking. Your business needs to have targeted and active updates for a start. Start following people interested, and respected, within your industry. What are you seeing lots of tweets about? How can your own business relate to or even help with the problems being discussed here?
Looking to find topics that you can engage with and help find solutions for is very useful. Start networking today and you can avoid just blasting our pointless updates – instead, you’ll be topical and fun.

Smart Hashtagging

Let’s say that your small business ran a website that sold football sportswear. You could find countless matches to use for hashtags to get people spotting you and interested. Smart hashtag usage will make it much easier for your business to be seen as relevant and engaging to follow on Twitter.

It’s a strategic challenge and you will have hit and miss success, but its’ not an impossibility to make the most of.

Pay for It

Another way to get promoted on Twitter is, of course, to pay for it. You can easily send out a promoted tweet and have it seen by various different users, working through a massive range of parameters. For small businesses its maybe a little too direct and expensive to go with, but a hired marketer could definitely assist.

Manage Authentic Customer Service

Another powerful part of opting to promote on Twitter comes in the form of opportunity. Aim to to be seen as a fun, authentic person to engage with. Answer all questions and, when possible, be human about it. Don’t always go for the stock and corporate answer. You and your business want to come across as professional, sure, but you want to have a bit of injection of personality about your tweets and your MLM business online.

If you are stone-faced and serious all the time, you the lost the most valuable part of Twitter promotion – authenticity. Give people the kind of answer that their questions merit. You’ll find that your promotion becomes easier as people just appreciate you being a little more authentic.

As you can see, various solutions and ideas exist that you should try and make the most of. If you wish to try and promote on Twitter, think about the ideas above and give them a try!

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