Taking FM Group products into workplaces is a great way to sell more and therefore increase your income.

Care homes are a good example of somewhere you could be getting sales, because both the staff and the residents might wish to take a look at the catalogues and try samples.

How to sell in care homesSome residents might not be able to travel to go shopping and could find the change to purchase fragrance, skin care, make up and other items from their local FM distributor very useful.

Similarly, the staff members, who often work unsociable shifts, can find it handy to be able to shop in a very convenient way for them too.

You can leave some catalogues, samples and perhaps even a basket of products for a couple of days for both the staff and residents to have a look at, and then go back and collect any orders.

In any workplace, always make sure you make someone there responsible for the items you leave, and offer them some small reward for any orders that are generated. Receptionists are ideal people for this.

Once the care home staff get to know you, you could also offer to do a product demo for the staff and residents to show some of our most popular items.

You can also suggest which products in our ranges make the best gifts, and if you are creative you could even offer a gift wrapping service.

Ask for testimonials from satisfied customers, these recommendations will be useful when you approach more care homes.

This is a good way to grow your customer base, but you could also use it to build a team of distributors too. One or more of the staff in the care home might be interested in earning some extra money, they could join your team and start supplying their contacts too.

Remember to always ask customers for referrals, who do they know who might also be interested in trying our products or earning an additional income.

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Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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