At this special time, when we have said goodbye to 2016, and have got ourselves ready for 2017 full of hope, New Year resolutions and happiness, it is a brilliant time to actually do some visualising about the next year.

Every year, between Christmas and New Year, I sit down with my husband and kids and we set our goals, yes we do it with our kids – in our opinion it is crucial to implement this skill from early years.

It’s fun to do this, and interesting at the end of the year to see how we did with bringing our goals into reality. I am sure this strategy will help you achieve your goals too and make many more dreams become reality.
Sound good? Yes 🙂

family setting goals together

Let’s get you going on that path! Take some time, grab a paper, few pencils and some magazines, be creative. Write down your goals, but not only that – actually create your very own dream board – use pictures from magazines or print some if you can. Be as detailed as you can.

Dream Big and don’t allow anyone to stop you from getting what you want. There is no limit, and remember me and Roy are here to support you.

Julita Habet

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