How to Start a Perfume Business 

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15 August 2023


Strong Habet Team

How to Start a Perfume Business 

Are you passionate about the world of fragrance? Have you always dreamed of running your own business? Perhaps you’d like to boost your income stream – or earn a few extra pounds to put towards your new home or holiday?

Building your own fragrance and cosmetics business with FM World could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Today, our perfume experts will take you through the process of starting your own perfume business.

Start a Perfume Business with FM World

Choosing a Business Model

In order to start making perfume sales, you’ll need to establish your business strategy. This can seem daunting at first – but doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are many paths you can take in your entrepreneurship journey, each with its own set of advantages.

Creating Your Own Brand and Products

Looking to create your own brand? This option requires substantial planning, time, and budget, but can be an excellent option for those seeking full artistic freedom.

Before investing in your product line or marketing, it’s important to establish the identity of your business and brand. You may want to invest time in creating a name and logo that speak to you, note down your brand story, or craft some unique values. Canva is a great tool for this. 

Once you’ve decided on what your business will look and feel like, it’s time to delve into your products. You might wish to develop these distinctive scents by harnessing your skills as a self-taught perfumer, teaming up with a professional in the industry, or even delving into formal perfumery studies – although keep in mind the latter can be time-consuming and costly.

Production and quality control are equally vital aspects of the process. Whether you’re setting up your own production line or collaborating with a reliable manufacturer, it’s crucial to ensure your perfumes are produced to a high standard. Never underestimate the importance of quality control in the perfume industry; every bottle that goes out to customers must meet your stringent standards.

Beyond these factors, you’ll also need to take your method of sales into account. Do you want to sell through an online shop, or rent a physical store? Consider your target audience – where would your products see the most success?


Wholesaling is another possible path into the perfume business for keen entrepreneurs. It essentially involves purchasing existing perfumes in large quantities and selling them at a retail price, keeping the profits. This approach involves an upfront investment to secure your inventory and requires an understanding of market trends to predict which scents will resonate with your customer base. 

One of the key aspects of wholesaling is establishing relationships with reliable suppliers, ensuring you get the best quality products at competitive prices. The profit margin in wholesaling comes from buying in bulk at discounted rates and selling individually at higher prices. 

Marketing your perfume stock effectively also plays a significant role in the success of a wholesaling business. Effective strategies could involve both online and offline efforts, encompassing everything from building an engaging website to presenting at trade shows. It’s crucial to understand your target audience and employ strategies that effectively reach them.

Direct Sales

Direct sales are one of the best ways to start your own business. Requiring very little to no upfront investment, this model involves the aid of a direct sales company.

These companies, for example, FM World are designed to help people build their own businesses, providing them with a range of high-quality products (in this case, perfumes and cosmetics) at exclusive trade discounts. This enables those looking to start their own business to sell the products at retail prices and keep the entire profit, building their own empire without the need to worry about upfront investment or manufacturing. 

The beauty of direct sales, particularly with a company like FM World, is the flexibility it provides. You’re essentially your own boss, allowing you to set your working hours and pace, and scale your income as you wish. The earning opportunities are huge – the more you’re willing to commit to your business, the more you’re likely to get out of it. 

Moreover, FM World offers training and support, ensuring the opportunity is accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs, irrespective of their background or previous experience. While starting a business using the direct sales model requires commitment, good communication skills, and self-motivation, the rewards that come with it can be hugely fulfilling.

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What is FM World?  

FM World was first established in 2004 by a passionate Polish entrepreneur, Artur Trawiński. Now, it’s one of the leading brands in the global perfume and cosmetics market, boasting a range of best-selling scents for men and women, makeup, nutritional products, home fragrance, and more.

FM World exists to help boost the careers of ambitious entrepreneurs, helping people become their own bosses, get access to inventory for their business at exclusive prices, make sales, and ultimately, build the life they’ve always dreamed of. If you’re considering making selling perfume your new hobby, income stream, or business empire, it’s the perfect partner. 

With FM World, you’re not just starting a business; you’re stepping into a role where financial freedom and substantial income potential are well within reach. Being part of this network means joining a dynamic community of like-minded individuals, with added perks like luxury bonuses

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