fm 335 pure royal perfume for men

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15 June 2021


Strong Habet Team

How To Talk About Your Perfume

You absolutely love your favourite FM perfumes, but do you know how to talk about your perfume? How would you describe your experience of a specific fragrance from the FM perfume range in a way that would make your friends, and even complete strangers, desperate to try the fragrance too.

Here are just some examples for you to give you a few ideas about how to talk about your perfume with other people, how a scent makes you feel, how long it lasts, where and when you prefer to wear it and the key notes it contains.

FM 366 Pure Royal For Her

If I could describe a little bit of feel-good in a bottle, THIS WOULD BE IT!

366 Pure Royal is right up my street in the fragrance department, and I knew it would quickly become my go-to for when I want to feel a little sexier. I especially love wearing it when I get dressed up as it lasts all night (with just one spritz!).

It has a to-die-for blend of blossoms, jasmine and vanilla, but they’re all grounded by this irresistible woody smell that blends it all together in a well-rounded fragrance.

I was recommended this by a friend who told me about how long the smell lasts. It sounded too good to be true at the time but now I understand what she was talking about! For the price you get a product which lasts an unbelievably long time. They must be using super high concentrations of the ingredients, because I only do one spritz on my neck, then rub it with my wrists, and the scent lasts the whole night long!!

I was really blown away by the quality of this. Recommending it all day every day! Although I consider it my ‘signature scent’ now, so I don’t want my close circle to start wearing it 😉

fm366 pure royal perfume for her scaled

FM 18 Intense Parfum for Her

OMG! All I can say about my experience with this perfume is that it was love at first smell. Such a STUNNING balance of feminine floral notes without being too sweet. It’s such an elegant fragrance – makes me think I’m a sophisticated lady ready to go shopping at her local boutique!

I also love how the scent lasts – I just do a spritz on my wrist and rub it behind my neck (my hubby loves it so it’s a treat for him too!)

Although the name says ‘Intense’, it really isn’t overpowering at all. I think it’s suitable for both day and night. I wear it to work and it really uplifts my mood every time I catch the smell.

Orange, jasmine, ylang-ylang, musk, and vanilla – pretty much all my favourite scents rolled into one!

This perfume is perfect for anyone who loves musky feminine scents that are versatile enough to wear on any occasion.

Pure Royal 335 for Him

FM 335 Pure Royal is one of my favourite scents of all time (and I’ve tried a lot). It has distinct oud and wood notes, which I’ve found are common in men’s fragrances, but difficult to come across the right balance.

This one has nailed it on the head for me. It’s woody, peppery, and there’s a lovely background of vanilla which offsets the stronger masculine notes. With it being a spicier scent, I love to save it for special occasions and partner it up with my best suit. It works particularly well for evening wear actually, as the scent lasts all night (so I don’t have to ask my wife to keep it in her handbag for intermittent sprays!!)

I’d recommend this fragrance to those who want the perfect balance of masculine fragrance ingredients, in a stunning bottle at an affordable price.

fm 335 pure royal perfume for men

Pure 472 for Him

This is a sophisticated everyday aftershave for men. The scent is classic, but not old-fashioned, and has a lovely balance of woody cedar and berry/citrus notes.

It makes a statement without being overpowering, making it ideal for both everyday wear and on occasions too. As it’s a ‘parfum’ and not an EDT I’m careful to only spray on a little bit, as I find one spray lasts so long.

It complements a fresh suit perfectly, and I’ve been complimented on it in work more times than I can count! It’s probably my most-worn aftershave, as I wear it every day. For the price you really can’t beat it. Well worth having in your collection if you like to feel gentlemanly on all occasions!

Give it a go yourself, and you’ll master how to talk about your perfume and tell stories for your favourite FM perfumes for women and men.