When someone fills out a contact form on your website, or from your Facebook advert, you should send them an email with information about FM. But what can really make the difference between someone joining your team or not, is what you do next.

As soon as you can after the first email, you should follow upwoman talking on phone to fm world prospect with your prospect on the phone and ask him or her a few questions to find out what they are looking for and if they have heard of FM before.

What questions and concerns did you have when you were thinking about joining FM? The people you are speaking to and emailing about the business are likely to have similar issues, so you need to answer them.

If you want to make them curious, ask them about themselves. People love to talk about themselves.

We have created a model of questions to run the conversation. These questions work in any country and with most new prospects, it works for us it will work for you. It is a great tool, and tools give you courage. Don’t be afraid, practice makes perfect.

Here is an example of what we say:

Hi, my name is …………., I am a leader in FM World.

Do you have a few moments? Could we have a quick chat?
(you should always wait for each answer and show interest in what they say)

Do you have any experience in similar businesses ?

Do you know anything about FM products?

We have 4 ranges of products. Perfumes, mineral make up, delicious coffees and teas and products for home. All at affordable prices.

Do you know that it is actually free to sign up?

Do you know how it works?

You can sign up as a Preferred Customer to be able to buy all FM products for Business Partner prices. You sell at catalogue price and keep the difference for yourself.

Or you can become a Distributor, where you can build your own team as well as sell products. To be able to do this you will need to buy a kit.

I’d be happy to have you in my team and support you. You will be able to message me, have one to one training. I will add you to our Facebook support group. I won’t leave you on your own, help will be there when you need it.

This last bit is very important, people need to know that they will have friendly support when needed.

And if they don’t answer the phone, we have a “plan b”, a method to deal with the rejection of calls not being answered.

You can find them on Facebook (look them up in Facebook search box using their mobile phone number or email address). You then need to introduce yourself and ask them if they have a few minutes for a quick chat. Next, you can then ask the same questions as shown in the above example phone script, but instead of doing it on the phone ask the questions one at a time in Facebook messages. Remember to add about the support they will get if they join.

Please feel free to share this post with your team members to help them too.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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