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20 January 2017


Strong Habet Team

It Is Different Here In The UK

In the UK we often hear people say “It is different in UK. We are not like USA or Germany, British people don’t understand networking”, or perhaps “people in UK are lazy” or our personal favourite “it is because of the miserable weather”!

These are simply just excuses! If you go to any country in the world, you will hear people give reasons why their business is more difficult there than other countries. The reasons given might vary, but the facts are the same. There are successful people in network marketing all around the globe, they have made it work. So the problem can’t be location, or the culture in a particular country.

The problem is in people’s mind, they have been told and believe that their country is not good for building a business. Who told them this? The people who can’t be bothered to put time and effort into improving their own lives, so they just tell everyone else that things they want to try won’t work in this country either, and then they can say “It is different here, nothing works, nobody is successful at anything, if only I lived in …………. then I would be rich!” They wouldn’t, they would just need to change the details of their excuses.

Focused and determined people will always find a way to make their business work, and network marketing is no different. They won’t use excuses or blame other people, they will take responsibility for their life and that is what you need to do.

The great news today is that even overcoming minor locational obstacles is so much easier now too thanks to the internet. Even if you live in a village with only a few people in it, you can build an international team with a company like FM World that allows people to join your team anywhere in the world.

Do you have to adjust how you do things in different countries? Absolutely, for example party plan is much more common in UK, Ireland, USA and Australia than other countries. Whilst sales and sponsoring methods might alter from one country to another, the basic idea of earning money selling products and finding other people who want to do so too, remains the same.

There any millions of people right here in UK, and in your own country too if you live elsewhere, wanting to earn money. You need to show them it can be done, tell them they need to believe in themselves and work together to make our FM World businesses succeed.

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