One vital habit to learn as a leader in Network Marketing is positivity.

People will give you loads of excuses of why they can’t do the business at different times, they will complain about this and that, gossip about others. You need to rise above all of that, distance yourself from the moaners and gossips.

Top leaders in this profession don’t get caught up in any of that, they simply get on with growing their businesses. When someone shares something negative with them, they don’t listen. That is incorrect, they do listen, they just don’t let it trouble them.

They always edify the company, supporting and uplifting others’ views of both the company and the products. Does this mean they like everything their company does? Probably not, you are always going to disagree at times or not get the things happening that you want. But what real leaders do is to focus on the things they do like.

They also only ever talk positively of their upline leaders to others, or if they really don’t get on with them (and not everyone can get on with everyone else) then they just say nothing at all.

When they walk into a room, they have a smile on their face and make others smile too. Positivity flows from them, and it is spreads throughout their organisation.

You look at their Facebook, and other social media, it is upbeat and motivational. People want to work with them.

positive happy man

To succeed, you need to follow their example. You must become known as a positive individual, someone people love to work with, who inspires others not disheartens them.

If you ever have a problem or something goes wrong, never ever share that issue downline or crossline (with other teams), always speak to your upline or the company about it.

Having the right mindset is not just about being positive when you are selling to customers, speaking to prospective team members or when you are at FM meetings. It is about developing a positive mindset all the time. Why does this matter? It will improve your life in general, but also means that when you are talking to people about the business or products you don’t have to push yourself to try too hard to be upbeat (which can come over as unnatural), because you will be automatically positive.

Focus your mind on the things and people in your life you are grateful for, and very importantly the goals you are looking to achieve.

The more you become a positive individual, who people want to be around and work with, the faster you will reach your goals and the happier you will be along the way.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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