Motivate Your FM Group Team

Published on

27 October 2015


Strong Habet Team

Life Circle – Discover How To Improve Your Life

Most people join FM to earn extra money and improve their finances. However, by also looking at other areas of your life that you wish to improve can help you to balance your life in the right way, make you feel better and keep you focused on your goals.

Use this simple Life Circle exercise to discover how you can improve your life. Then get your new and existing team members to do the same so they can find out the areas of their lives they wish to grow as well , this will help you to develop a motivated and successful team.

Download the Life Circle NOW from this page and shade in each area based on how you feel about that aspect of your life at this moment.

life circle

Once you have shaded each area, now think about:

What is most important area in your life circle?

What do you see by looking at your life circle? If the shaded areas made a wheel, would it get very far on the road!

Which areas of circle would you like to increase?

What can you do to increase these weak areas? Write down three actions you could take to improve that area, for example if it was your Health and Fitness you wanted to be better, you could join a gym, cut out some unhealthy food and start taking Nutricode products.

If you increased this area, what effect would it have on other areas? Each area is part of your life, one area does effect another, so for example if you improved your finances it might improve the environment in which you live.

Finally, shut your eyes and think for a few moments about how great your life would be if you improved the areas you want to increase.

We hope this exercise has helped you to focus on what you can achieve, please share this with your team to help them too.