back to school shopping

Published on

19 August 2016


Strong Habet Team

How to Make Money for Going Back to School Shopping

In just over 2 weeks, the kids are going back to school. Though the thought might be exciting, it’s important to consider a big question. How many parents are actually struggling with the cost of “going back to school shopping”? 

Becoming an FM distributor is one of the best ways to build the extra cash needed for back-to-school season. Better yet, if you’ve already joined us, you still have time to help other parents make extra cash. Simply introduce them to our Smart Start offer! Just ask for testimonials about our fragrances, before leading with “I can show you how to earn extra money too” and show them the retail profit they can make in their first ten days by taking advantage of Smart Start offer.

Extra income would be a nice help towards those back-to-school costs. Plus of course, they would have proved to themselves FM can make money and will know that they can sell more FM fragrances and other products.

You should tell them all to wear one of the fragrances themselves, carry a bottle with them and ask people for testimonials, exactly the same as you did. They know it works, it worked for you.

They could tell their friends and help them with their back to school shopping too!

Always remember what FM World can do for you and others! Don’t be shy, and be proud – networking is great! Helping others is greater!