Are you fed up getting eyeshadows sets with only one or two colours that you want to use? Now, thanks to FM World that problem is solved.

Eyeshadow Inserts

fm world mix and match eyeshadow inserts

With Federico Mahora Mix & Match make up YOU can choose, combine and replace different shades with our clever combination of palettes and inserts.

This is the perfect makeup solution for creating your dream set!

fm world mix and match make up palettes

It is not just eyeshadows either. With the FM World magnetic palette system you can arrange your own set of favourite colours of eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters and powders.

Blush Inserts

fm world mix and match blush inserts

Highlighter Inserts

fm world mix and match highlighter inserts

Powder Inserts

fm world mix and match powder inserts

And when you need to replace any of the colours, you can simply order the inserts that you need.

Tell all your customers about this fabulous idea, they can create their own dream sets too which will mean when they want refills they can come back to you for more inserts.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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