Do you know the reason why a lot of people fail in achieving their goals?

It is because their ambitions are not as powerful as their limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Your goals should excite you, be so compelling for you that you can overcome your own thoughts.

Many people go after simple things, targets they know they can reach using skills they already have. That is not enough, you need to grow with your goals.

A goal that you don’t know how to get to, and that you need to gain new knowledge to work towards is much more challenging, and that is what should fire you up. Imagine the progress and successful steps you will make along the way to your goal. Success doesn’t just come by reaching the target you are heading towards, it also comes from everything you will accomplish on your journey.

Having worked harder for it yourself, you will receive far greater satisfaction when you achieve it too. It will seem more worthwhile and more valuable to you.

 every accomplishment starts with a decision to try

Do Your Goals Stretch YOU?

In growing our FM World business, we have had to gain new skills, learn from the top network marketers in the world and step outside of our comfort zones. We know as well that in our journey there are still many new experiences we will have and knowledge that we have yet to discover, and we can’t wait!

What are your goals? Do they really inspire you? If not, dream bigger. Don’t just think what you could do, you want goals that stretch you to become a better version of you.

Think about what you REALLY want, your dream. Don’t be scared to think outside what is possible at the moment. You are reading this on the internet, something that could not have happened without someone believing that the idea of creating a global system of interconnected computers could happen.

Millions of inventions, from lightbulbs in your home to the mobile phone that you live your life on now, have only come about because people went beyond what others thought could be done.

The only obstructions on the road to your goal are the limiting beliefs that you got from what you have told yourself, and been told by those with negative mindsets.

dream home in mountains

Life Without Limits

Set some time aside, quality alone time, to focus your mind on what your ultimate goals are. This is so important. Forget about the finances for it, any other resources that you haven’t yet got or anything that has happened to you in the past. Just think about what would your life be like in your ideal world?

When you have your goals written down, make the decision that you will do whatever it takes to achieve them. Think about the person you will become along your journey, that you need to become to reach your goals.

The route to your dream won’t be easy either, are you prepared for that? Nothing worth doing is straightforward, it will be a bumpy road.

Now imagine you have reached your goal. How will you feel when you have done it? What will be around you at that moment? Picture everything about it. Paint a detailed image in your mind of how your life will be. This is so powerful.

By doing all of these steps, and asking yourself the questions in this blog post, you can create amazing goals, that will excite and motivate you to keep focused even at the most difficult and challenging times. Because you will know in your heart, and in your mind, that your goal is worth the effort and you will be as proud of the journey as much as you are of the goal.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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