Network Marketing Invite Scripts Tips and Tricks

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18 August 2016


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Network Marketing Invite Scripts, Tips, and Tricks

Trying to build your FM World team? FM Perfume Group’s expert networkers are here to help you every step of the way. Read on for our advice on how to talk to prospects, including top tips on following up inquiries, how to ‘warm up’ leads you’ve previously lost connection with and a full phone/dm script with proven success. Ready to get started?

Connecting with Potential FM Team Members

Reaching out to potential new team members can be hugely exciting – after all, what’s better than working with a vibrant community full of like-minded people?

When someone fills in your contact form or responds to a social post or message, they’re giving you a chance to help them start their FM World journey. The way you respond to them can truly make a difference as to whether they choose to sign up with you or not. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through our top essential steps and strategies for talking to prospects, helping you build the ultimate FM team.

find fm team members with network marketing invite scripts

Finding People to Join Your Team  

When creating your team in FM World, it’s important to find people who are likely to be interested in joining rather than asking anyone and everyone if they’d like to come on board. Here are some key profiles to consider:

1. Seeking Extra Income

With the cost of living crisis on the rise, most people today are looking for additional ways to make money, whether to support their families, achieve financial stability, or fulfil their dreams. If you know anyone who’d appreciate the chance to unlock huge earning potential or unlock new ways to earn, now could be the perfect time to reach out. 

2. Busy Professionals or Parents

Life can seem too fast-paced, especially for people like parents and busy professionals. Whether there’s not enough time in the day for quality time spent with family, or schedules just feel too packed to enjoy, FM World offers the opportunity for time-poor individuals to work at their own pace. Try connecting with professionals or parents who are looking to escape the confines of a traditional 9-to-5 job or want to spend more time with their children whilst still making an income.

3. Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Some people have an inherent drive to be their own boss and take control of their financial future. FM World can help them take their first steps to becoming an entrepreneur. Seek out people who are motivated by the prospect of building a successful business and enjoy the rewards of their efforts. They could have expressed an interest in owning or creating a small business. 

4. Makeup Enthusiasts and Perfume Lovers

FM World’s world-famous range of perfume and makeup products presents a unique opportunity for people passionate about cosmetics. Look for makeup enthusiasts who appreciate the power of a great look, or people with a true passion for perfume. They may be eager to share their love for makeup and perfume with others, build a network of like-minded individuals, and turn their passion into a profitable venture.

Example Outreach Scripts

Once you’ve identified people within your circle likely to be interested in joining your FM team, it’s time to get involved. We recommend reaching out over either Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, phone, or email. A great conversation in person can work too! 

Direct Message Outreach Script

Social media’s direct messaging systems – especially Facebook and Instagram –  provide a huge opportunity for you to reach out to potential team members, from close friends to old contacts from school and beyond. Our experts recommend two main ways of reaching out over DMs – short hooks, or full script messages. 

Short Hook Message Examples

A few sentences can be all it takes to garner a potential team member’s interest, especially if you already know them and their situation. We recommend trying personalised hook messages like: 

“Hi [Name] 👋  Remember our conversation about [how little free time you have/how you wish you could spend more time with your kids/how unhappy you are in your job at the moment/how big your bills are getting/etc.]? I think I found a solution!”

“Hey [Name], I’ve found a side hustle you might love! It’s got flexible hours and huge earning potential. There aren’t any catches – so no need to worry! Get back to me if you want to learn more 😊”

Try to tailor the content of your hook message to the interests and needs of the person you’re reaching out to, and ensure it’s as eye-catching as possible. Something as simple as an emoji really can make a difference to your open rates! 

Long Script Message Example

Want to go for the long script and let your contacts see all the benefits of joining FM World upfront? Our team have put together the following example to guide you to success. Be sure to personalise it to suit both your style of communication and the people you’re reaching out to! 

“Hey there [Name] 👋😊,

I love your passion for style, beauty and the way you engage with people. Your profile really is amazing! 

I work with an incredible team at FM World and I can’t help but think you’d be an amazing fit for our team. We’re all about passion and building a lifestyle that lets you do what you love every day. We have a community of beauty enthusiasts who are as excited about fragrances and makeup as you are 💄👠

We can help you turn your passion into a business. One where you’re your own boss 👑 And the best part? The earning potential is huge, with bonuses including luxury cars and holidays 💰

Let’s talk more about this opportunity – no strings attached, of course! It’s completely free to join 😊

Stay gorgeous and keep inspiring,

[Your Name]”

Our Top Outreach Tips and Tricks

Of course, recruiting a new team member involves more than just sending a few DMs. You’ll have to take the time to follow up, keep them engaged, and show a genuine interest in their needs. The following top tips should help keep things on track from start to finish: 

Follow Up 

Sometimes, a follow-up message can be key! Amongst their busy lives and packed calendars, prospects can easily forget to reply to an Instagram DM or missed voice message. Try sending a second message reminding them about the opportunity you have to offer, just in case your original one has slipped their minds. 

Keeping Things Personal

A strong connection can make all the difference in bringing people onto your team. Stay engaged with your prospect – bringing any knowledge you have about them, their preferences, and their circumstances to the table. For example, if they’ve mentioned to you that they’d like to spend more time with their kids, cater to this need – weaving it into your explanation of the benefits of running your own business. They’re likely to appreciate the fact that you’ve remembered their needs and are working to meet them. 

Show Interest 

Everyone enjoys an opportunity to talk about their own lives and ambitions. Build a meaningful relationship with your prospective team members by demonstrating a genuine interest in them as people. Ask open-ended questions that encourage them to share their goals, dreams, and challenges. By listening attentively and engaging in meaningful conversation, you’ll build a solid foundation for your future as a team. 

start building your team with network marketing invite scripts

Start Building Your Team 

Mastering the art of talking to prospects is a crucial skill for building a thriving team in FM World. By following our top tips for success, and using our network marketing invite scripts as a guide for communication, you’ll be able to engage with future team members in an engaging way sure to bring success. 

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t wait! Start reaching out to high-potential people sure to be an asset to your FM business. Plus, why not share this post with your team members, empowering them to help those around them start their FM journey too?

Not yet an FM World member? It’s simple to get started. Sign up as a distributor today to start earning – it really is that simple.