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27 October 2015


Strong Habet Team

Roy’s Network Marketing Motivation: Keep Going, It Does Get Easier

Today, FM Strong Habet’s co-leader, Roy Strong, discusses his story, rise to the top, and best network marketing motivation.

‘When I first joined FM in 2006, I was doing one of those traditional jobs, Office Manager at an insurance broker. It was a juggling act for a couple of years fitting my FM business into my life.

The first person I lent the kit to, gave it back to me with terrible feedback. I didn’t get properly started with FM until 8 months after I joined. It was when I attended another FM meeting in London, and met people who were doing well selling the products that I woke up to the opportunity I had.’

Roy Strong Network Marketing Career

Moving Past Early Business Hurdles

‘Did everyone who joined my team at the start run with the business? No, many did nothing, even today with the huge range of products we have there are still a lot who sign up, don’t even buy for themselves or respond to any communication.

I’ve had many days during the years when things went wrong too, a delivery might not turn up (we didn’t use DPD in the early days!), or days when every phone call I made I got the answerphone or a customer was claiming they weren’t happy with a product but they had used 95% of the bottle!’

People are always blaming circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get ahead in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them

– George Bernard Shaw

Never Give Up

‘More frustrating moments when people I considered strong team members would decide not to do the business any more (my first 21% leader went to a rival company, and then became a customer of mine after leaving that company). Some might have been tempted with some new, hyped up company coming to the UK or let life’s challenges get in the way.

I had plenty of people be critical to me about my choice to do Network Marketing, including some of my former closest friends. Had I listened to them or let those sometimes awful events get to me, then I might have quit. However, I didn’t, it would have been a huge mistake, I would have missed out on so much.’

The Difference between winning and losing, is most often not quitting

– Walt Disney

‘Did I ever really consider doing it? Honestly, yes there was an occasion when I had to sit down and seriously think if I wanted to carry on with the business, about five years ago when a good friend of mine left FM suddenly, I didn’t really understand why and thought perhaps she knew something I didn’t! Very happy to say that I made the right decision and stayed, and now I know her decision was simply her choice for her own reasons and we remain good friends today.’

Stay Strong and Push Forward

‘Things do get easier, as you develop independent leaders in your team and when you see your business growing.

I love it when someone who you see potential in before they see it in themselves begins to develop and do well with the business, grow in confidence and finally see the qualities in themselves that others saw before they did.’

From Distributor to The Biggest FM Team in the UK

‘Our team is now the biggest in the UK, with thousands of team members in other countries too, we have many truly amazing leaders in the team and future rising stars.

We have a terrific team Facebook group , (wish this had been available when I started) with hints and ideas developed from my own experience along with the brilliant mind of my Business Partner Julita. There is so much on there to help those who are just starting with the business through to people who have been involved for years and want fresh ideas and inspiration including our team videos.

Do I still have bad days? Yes, of course, I do. But I also have some incredible friends who I met through the business who help to give me strength. Of course, there’s also endless network marketing motivation available within our group of likeminded entrepreneurs.

I hope this inspires you to keep moving forward and it will help you to understand that quitting is not an option.

Share this with anyone who may need to hear it, it might be your partner, a friend, or anyone who needs inspiration today.

Julita and I believe in you and your success.

roy and julita network marketing motivation