FM World New Levels Incentive

Published on

02 May 2023


Strong Habet Team

The FM World New Levels Incentive: Earn Up to £25,000 Cash Rewards! 

We’re excited to introduce the FM ‘Get Rewarded’ incentive – an incredible opportunity for FM World UK  members to make extra money as they move through their entrepreneurship journey! Keep reading to discover how you could unlock cash bonuses ranging from £500 to £25,000.

New Levels Rewards FM Incentives

How Much Are FM Cash Bonuses?

FM believe in rewarding hard work and dedication. That’s why, when you reach a new group level for the first time – whether it be Pearl Orchid or Onyx Star – you’ll be entitled to a one-off reward bonus under FM World UK’s ‘Get Rewarded’ scheme. Simply enjoy your success, keep progressing, and you could see rewards like: 

Pearl Orchid: £500

Amaranth Orchid: £1,000

Golden Orchid: £2,000

Diamond Orchid: £3,000

Jasper Star:  £5,000

Amethyst Star: £10,000

Malachite Star: £15,000

Nephrite Star: £20,000

Onyx Star: £25,000

Remember, these are one-time bonuses, which means you’ll be rewarded when you reach a new group level for the first time. It’s FM World UK’s way of celebrating your continued success as an entrepreneur! 

Want to take part in this unmissable incentive? Simply log in to your FM World account, and click ‘incentives’  to view more details today including the full terms and conditions

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