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FM World developed Nutricode with the intention of bringing health and happiness to clients across the globe. As one of our business partners, you’ll be able to make better nutrition and better lifestyles accessible to thousands – whilst building your own successful career and earning money doing something you love – no compulsory start-up kits or experience needed.
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Our Nutricode supplements, gummies, and systems are designed to help achieve a wide range of health, body, and weight-loss goals – fuelling an ever-growing community of FM business partners and clients.

Whether you’re looking to join us as a distributor, or even start building your own team, we’ll give you the resources you need to thrive in a direct sales environment – where you’ll be able to benefit from incentives including bonuses, cars, and luxury holidays, and unlock huge earning potential.

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FM World’s groundbreaking range of nutritional supplements delivers a unique balance of benefits and visible effects – prioritising both health and results equally. Designed to help the body recover from the everyday effects of stress, fatigue, pollution, and irregular meals – whilst helping improve many aspects of physical health including nutritional balance, weight loss, and fatigue, our Nutricode range tastes good and does good.

Why Sell Nutricode Supplements and Systems?

Specially-formulated Nutrition Supplements

Nutricode’s unique, vitamin-rich formulas were developed to help start, support, and maintain healthy lifestyles. From fatigue-fighting capsules to safe, proven weight-loss supplements and aids, FM’s range of affordable solutions is designed to deliver.

Real Results

Each of our tested, trusted recipes in the Nutricode Fit 6 programme is designed with a precise mix and proportion of ingredients – perfectly corresponding to the needs of the body. By balancing detoxifying and de-acidifying with a strong foundation of nutritional support, our products both minimise the effects of your previous neglect and build new energy!

Comprehensive Care

FM World’s wide range of Nutricode products is designed to fit seamlessly into a step-by-step program, meaning you’ll be able to easily work all the supplements and products you’ll need into a simple routine.

Safety and Responsibility

The safety of FM products has always been their priority. For this reason, FM Nutricode products include only the best tested and approved raw materials – all of which are carefully and safely handled throughout each stage of the production process.

Proudly Ethical

FM World is a proudly fair and ethical organisation. Each member of our FM family benefits from our fair principles and commitment to free training and good working conditions. Our dedication to good goes further than this though – much of our packaging is eco-friendly and our products are not tested on animals.

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Looking to kickstart your nutrition and health business in partnership with FM? Browse our best-selling Nutricode products and take your pick. Remember – our registered members can receive discounts of around 30% on Nutricode retail prices.

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    Our in-demand, well-loved products make selling easy and natural. Remember – you can sell to anyone – from family and friends to health enthusiasts, fitness fanatics, or those looking to lose weight! Your profit will be the direct mark-up from your sales – meaning your earning potential is huge.

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FM World FAQs

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Nutricode is a scientifically developed line of nutritional aid products including supplements, gummies, and comprehensive systems – created by leading industry experts and dieticians. Offering a strong focus on health and weight loss, this established organisation’s wide range of food supplements aim to fight the effects of poor dietary habits, fatigue, stress, and ill health – stimulating the body and helping users regain their natural strength, shape, and state.

Popular Nutricode products include the slim body system, drena plus, and collabeauty q10 expert. To discover more about Nutricode products, or to register as a Nutricode/FM distributor, view the page above.

Nutricode products aim to supplement the user’s nutritional intake – delivering much-needed mixes of health-enhancing vitamins and minerals to help achieve specific goals including improving general health, detoxifying, de-acidifying, weight loss, and fighting fatigue. The exact effect of your Nutricode journey will depend on your selected products/product regimen and your own health goals.

For example, the Nutricode Slim Body system works with a focus on weight loss – incorporating Glucomannan to create a sense of fullness – which, when following a balanced diet, assists in lowering weight.

There are a huge number of weight loss supplements and diet pills on the market today – with the industry currently valued at over $6 billion. With so many options available, it can be hard to differentiate between what works and what doesn’t. Whilst many weight loss supplements are known to be ineffective, Nutricode’s Slim Body system uses active ingredients, including Glucomannan help you feel fuller and less hungry – meaning you’ll be more likely to be able to resist the problem foods contributing to weight gain.

To discover more about Nutricode products, or to register as a Nutricode/FM distributor, view the page above.

The Nutricode Slim Body system is a dietician developed, scientifically-backed food supplement that aids in weight loss through the use of appetite-suppressing ingredients. These supplements function as an excellent support mechanism for a balanced diet or exercise regime, cutting out the desire to snack or eat excessively through the use of Glucomannan – a dietary fibre that swells in the stomach to produce a lasting sense of fullness. In addition to aiding in weight loss, the slim body system works to ensure the body receives an optimal amount of nutrients – with chromium contributing to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and the metabolism of macronutrients.

There are a number of Nutricode products available from FM World representatives or online – all of which aim to assist their users in completing different health goals. From fatigue-fighting capsules to safe, proven weight-loss supplements and aids, each of our products contain tried and tested, dietician-backed active ingredients – meaning they really do work when used correctly. For example, our probiotic gummies contain as many as 2.5 billion units of an identified strain of probiotic bacteria – Bacillus Coagulans – proven to aid in digestive issues.

The Nutricode product range has been scientifically developed by dieticians and industry experts to aid in nutritional health. Nutricode Inner Balance focuses on maintaining the acid-base balance of one’s body by providing a source of crucial microelements through a 24-hour care system.

To ensure you get the full effect of Nutricode Inner Balance, you should take 1 sachet 2 times a day by dissolving the contents in 200ml of water, then take 2 capsules a night followed by a substantial glass of water. Ensure you carefully read all instructions before taking the system.

Please remember that this product nor any other food supplements replace a balanced diet and should only be consumed by youth and adults. Keep away from moisture where possible.

All of our amazing Nutricode product systems vary due to their function and how they fit into your daily routine; some systems consist of tablets and sachets to be taken at different times and others contain tablets and drinkable gels, etc. For soluble systems, instructions – typically – are to pour the sachet contents into a 200ml glass of water, stir till completely dissolved then drink and enjoy!

We greatly value our Nutricode lovers’ health and safety, so insist that all supplements are taken correctly as per their unique instructions. To get directions on each product individually, carefully read the instructions enclosed within your systems or visit our product catalogue for more information.

Nutricode Vitality Boost is composed of perfectly formulated ingredients to give you a physical and mental energy boost throughout your day. Its B-group vitamins work to care for your energy-yielding metabolism whilst niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin reinforced with caffeine, aid in the reduction of fatigue and tiredness. Alongside this long list of benefits, Nutricode Vitality Boost provides increased relaxation at night, leading to better sleep. 

To take the Vitality Boost health system effectively, enjoy 1 liquid sachet a day and 2 tablets a night with a glass of water. 

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should not be replaced with food supplements. 

FM Nutricode health systems’ focus on internal wellbeing helps to provide you with the vital nutrients your body needs – all whilst making you feel great. From assistance with fatigue and immunity to weight loss and detoxing, there is an option for everyone. But what about those that want to take care of themselves on the outside too? 

Did you know that your overall mood and confidence can be affected by how you view your appearance? Formulated with scientifically proven ingredients such as Biotin, Iron, Zinc and Pomegranate extract, Nutricode Hair Skin and Nails aids in the strengthening and growth of hair and nails, alongside the replenishment of skin; you glowing inside and out!

Taking Nutricode Hair Skin Nails is easy too! Simply take one tablet a day with water along with a balanced diet to see the best results. 

Nutricode offers many health benefits in various delivery forms; from tablets to soluble sachets to dilutable elixir to chewable lozenges, there is something to suit everyone. For those that cannot take tablets or don’t desire to dissolve vitamin supplements, there is a range of delicious Nutricode gummies to choose from. Some of these gummies are even suitable for children (always check labels on products) so the whole family can enjoy their daily dose of vital vitamins. 

Formulated with safe, natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Nutricode Gummies will leave you confident that you and your children are getting essential vitamin aid whilst enjoying a yummy, sweet-like treat! 

FM Nutricode Gummies are non-GMO, contain no peanuts, soy or dairy and are gluten-free. 

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