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08 September 2022


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FM Perfume Party Ideas: Online Sales Tips and More

Looking to give your FM World business a boost? FM perfume parties are one of the most fun, effective ways to make new connections and boost sales figures. 

Whilst at-home events are one of the most long-standing network marketing sales methods out there, their online equivalent has gained huge popularity over the years – particularly on Facebook! After all, there’s no better way to reach both new and familiar connections than on social media.

Are you ready to harvest the power of online network marketing, all whilst having great fun with friends and family? Read on to discover how to throw a standout online perfume party bound to impress. 

FM Perfume Party Plan Perfume Selling Tips

What is an Online FM Perfume Party?

An online perfume party is a sales event held within a dedicated Facebook group. Much like in-person parties, these virtual gatherings are held by a host and FM World business partner. They’ll lead attendees through a series of fun activities and games via posts, videos, and live streams. The aim of this is to make new connections and introduce potential customers to our best-selling range of FM perfume and cosmetics. At the end of your party, you’ll most likely have a long list of orders from enthusiastic guests – or, at the very least, will have spent time socialising with a lovely group of people, and have spread the word about FM World – a win-win!

Why Throw an Online Perfume Party?

Besides offering a brilliant opportunity to increase your earnings, FM perfume parties are a great way to forge new friendships and connections, giving you more people to promote special offers and new products to both at the time, and far into the future. They’re also a great way to build your team, and earn points to be put towards bonuses, prizes, and incentives – all whilst enjoying yourself in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. 

Online perfume parties, in particular, are hugely popular as a result of their accessibility. As a host, you won’t have to worry about cancellations as a result of issues such as bad weather and issues finding childcare – plus, you won’t even have to set up a physical space with decorations, food and drinks! Simply use the free online resources at your disposal to create a welcoming, engaging Facebook group, and get started! 

FM Perfume Group

What Do You Need to Throw an Online Perfume Party?

In order to reach the widest audience possible, our experts highly recommend seeking out a host for your online party. This host is usually an existing friend or family member of the distributor. They’ll serve as a bridge between new and existing connections – resulting in a long list of attendees! In exchange for these introductions, distributors typically offer the host a prize or gifts. In short, in order to get your party started, find an enthusiastic host about two weeks in advance, explain the benefits of the party, and help them put together a guest list. 

Unlike at-home perfume parties, you won’t have to ensure that you’re stocked up on hosting supplies such as tester strips and fragrance samples – though they’re always helpful to have as a business partner! Simply get a PDF copy of the most recent FM World catalogue ready to email or message to every attendee on your host’s list alongside a personal, warm invitation.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’ve got a professional FM World Facebook page set up. This is where the event itself will take place. If you’re unsure of how to do this, read our simple guide to Facebook success.

Online FM Perfume Party Ideas

Getting Set Up 

With your preliminary preparations in place, it’s time to get stuck in to party planning. Let’s get started! 

Host Coaching

Once you’ve selected a host, you can establish your party goals as a team. 

As soon as your host receives their advance copy of the FM World catalogue, you should work with them to create an ultimate FM World product wishlist. This wishlist will be used as a prize and incentive, with the host earning products in line with the success of the event – encouraging invites, enthusiasm, and promotion in the run-up to the event!

For example, if your host’s wishlist comes to £30, and you both agree that 10% of the party’s total sales will go towards their ‘prize fund’, then the overall goal of the party will be £300. If this total is reached, the host can be gifted their entire wishlist! If £150 is reached, the host will still have £15 to spend on or put towards their favourite FM World products. 

Creating a Facebook Event

Now that you’ve reached a host and a goal, it’s time to create a Facebook event. You can use your professional FM World Facebook page/group to do this. Simply log into your page, head to the events tab, and click the ‘+’ button to get started. Be sure to create an enticing title demonstrating exactly what attendees can expect/have to gain from the event – e.g. ‘Juilta’s FM World Party – Luxury Perfumes for Under £25’. You may also wish to create an engaging banner featuring an image of yourself, the host, or a selection of FM World products. Whatever your design choices, keep things visually engaging and pleasing! Canva is a great, free resource for simple banner graphic design. 

After sorting out your title and graphics, add a short description of yourself and the event. This can be a few short sentences about yourself (e.g. you’re a mum with 2 kids, your hobbies, etc.), and your role as an FM World business partner. You can also use this opportunity to encourage guests to invite other perfume-loving friends via the event link! Include any important information such as how to order your products and how to pay for them.

At this point, you should determine a date should. Whilst you’re free to hold your FM World party wherever suits yourself and your host, be sure to note that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings tend to provide the best attendance rates. Sundays can work in winter. 

Inviting Online Guests 

With the above organised, you can work alongside your host to build a dream guest list – including both online and offline family and friends. Ask the host to warmly and personally invite and send PDF catalogues to as many people with interests relevant to FM World as they know over platforms such as Facebook itself, email, and Instagram messages, alongside a link to the event itself. You might also wish to let the host know that they’re welcome to give catalogues to friends, family, and connections outside of Facebook and in-person, with any orders made through them counting towards the party total and their wishlist. 

Encouraging Pre-Party Orders

Just because you’ve planned your party for a certain day and time doesn’t mean that you should discourage early orders! Both yourself and the host should ensure that guests are aware that early orders are more than welcome. Post incentives, reminders, and even early-bird offers in your group in order to boost sales and publicity before your party even begins. For example, incentives could include posting an offer on a few products that complement each other as a set at a lower price than on the day of the event or asking those who have a catalogue to post a picture of themselves with it and/or their wishlist, offering a prize for the best one.

Though the event won’t have started yet, encourage as much engagement with your pre-party posts as possible! Respond to comments positively and with enthusiasm – answering any questions that guests may have.

The Day of Your Online FM Party Perfume Party

Before the start time of your big event, it’s a good idea to double-check attendee numbers – allowing you and your host to plan posts and events accordingly. Our expert party planners have found that the best way to do this is to ask your host to send out a friendly reminder to all guests, confirming with those who have RSVP’d, and checking up on those who haven’t yet confirmed. This also provides a great opportunity to review your pre-party order total and see just how close you are to meeting your goal.

Don’t shy away from publishing posts in the lead-up to the event in order to build excitement and engagement! Some of the most successful ways to do this are countdown reminders, exclusive time-sensitive pre-party offers, and ice-breaking questions – for example, how each guest knows the host. At this point, you should be looking to both boost sales with the aim of hitting the party target and build a warm relationship with all attendees – particularly those who may want to join your team.

FM Perfume Party Ideas Selling Tips

The Perfume Party

It’s finally party time! Your weeks of preparation and dedication are set to pay off – but remember, you’re here to have fun! Do your best to establish a friendly, open, and relaxed atmosphere whilst helming the party. Keep posts fun and engaging with beautiful imagery, personal anecdotes, and more! You may want to use your own inspiring photographs or download some of the official images seen here on the FM Perfume Group website.

Back all of the above up with simple offers and calls to action, demonstrating exactly what you’re offering, and how to buy! For example; ‘There’s nothing better than a Floral Amber fragrance! This is one of my personal favourites – I’ve got at least three bottles on my vanity right now and can’t recommend it enough for those of you who love a sweet scent with a hint of complexity. Order FM PURE 20 for the brilliant price of only £17.40 by messaging me today and receive it just in time for Christmas!’ 

Our most successful distributors recommend keeping your party as engaging as possible. Take the time to read and respond to all comments by your guests, both socialising and making product recommendations where relevant.

Your party should last at least 30 minutes and include at least 10 posts of various types – from games with prizes (e.g. guess how many sweets are in the jar to win a free FM Cosmetics Mascara) to direct promotions and more. You may even want to post videos or hold a live stream! 

Depending on your party goal, you may want to set up a simple points system. This can help achieve maximum engagement levels. This can include quizzes, simple Q and As, or even host volunteering opportunities for future events. The rules and prizes are completely up to you.  

Bringing your Online Party to a Successful Close   

At the end of your designated party time slot, keep your guests engaged! As with any event, the host and distributor should thank attendees, and express that they’d love to see them soon! Your last post provides a brilliant opportunity to ensure new connections, add your profile/group and stay in touch. They may even register their interest in future events or in joining your team. Nurture each and every one of your new relationships, providing all relevant information, expressing excitement for new orders, and reaching out to those so enthusiastic about FM that they’d like to join! 

We hope that you end the day or evening proud of your efforts and happy with your new connections!

After the party

Time to start tallying totals! Post-party, you’ll be able to discover just how many of the host’s wishlist products they’ll be able to receive, and, of course, your current party/order total. Remember to remind your host that this total can still increase with orders from those who couldn’t attend. This, of course, depends on the deadline you’ve set together. 

FM Perfume Party Ideas

Online Perfume Party Tips and Tricks 

Now that you know the online FM party process inside-out, it’s a great time to note some of our distributor’s best tips and tricks.

Check Order History

Promote Best-Sellers

Express Your Unique Passions

Play Games

Keep Your Party Convenient

Get Started With FM World

Having read the above blog post, you should be ready to host a showstopping online FM World perfume party. We can’t wait to celebrate your success! Get ready to enjoy an influx of orders, and a wonderful time spent with friends new and old.

Interested in hosting an FM World party and forging your own career as an FM partner but haven’t registered yet? Simply head to our form to start your journey towards your dream lifestyle for free.