FM World is more than just perfumes and cosmetics . . .

FM SMART AND CLEAN home range of high-quality products from FM World to keep your home clean and smelling beautiful. The wide assortment of household products from FM World is extended by the addition of products which are intended to help in all areas of your home.

FM World UK Home Catalogue

NUTRICODE are FM World products created to make you feel better on the inside and outside.

All our actions are motivated primarily by your needs. We live in incredibly intensive times – stress, fatigue and pollution are our inevitable everyday companions. What is more, access to fullvalue, natural products is dicult and the fast pace of life makes it easy for us to develop bad habits – irregular meals, little sleep and no physical activity. That is why FM World take every effort to ensure that NUTRICODE supplements allow you to regain the life balance, facilitating the proper functioning of your body.

Nutricode Catalogue

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