How To Do A Party

A FM perfume party is one of the easiest types of parties to do. Anyone can do them, male or female, no special training is needed.

The most important thing is to be positive, helpful, happy, enthusiastic and confident. Be natural and friendly. Think about party and fun rather than being a salesperson. So what to take and what to say at the party?

(the ideas on this page are for perfume parties, but can easily be adapted for make up, skincare or coffee and tea parties too)

What To Take With You

  1. Starter Kit and Tester Strips
  2. Full Size Products, take the fragrances you are using and some others if you have them
  3. Leaflets
  4. Fragrance Testing Sheets
  5. Pens and Receipt Pad
  6. Display Cloth for the table
  7. Dry Tea Bags

Start Of The Party

Thank everyone for coming and the host for arranging the party. Introduce yourself, just something simple like “My name is Jane, I would love to share with you our FM perfumes and show you how you can save money and get great quality products”.

It is a good idea to break the ice with a game at the party. (download the games shown on this page). You might also want to do a raffle at the party. It is up to you.

After the game, people relax and it is a good time to tell them about FM, that it is a direct sales company, which means that we avoid the costs of expensive advertising, shop overheads and celebrity endorsements.

Continue by explaining that most people today tend to purchase Eau de Toilette strength fragrances, which usually contain between 4% to 6% perfume oil which is why they often do not last very long. Our fragrances are much stronger, with 20% perfume oil in our Pure, Pure Royal, Luxury and Utique Parfum, which means they last longer.

Fragrance Testing

Put one fragrance from each fragrance family onto tester strips (with fragrance number written on) and pass them around for everyone to smell and give their score on Fragrances Testing Sheet to find out which family they like best.

When they have found a fragrance family they like use the popular fragrances listed for that family on Fragrances Testing Sheet to give them samples to try on their skin.

Once everyone has let their fragrances settle for a couple of minutes it is time for them to smell them, and this is where the tea bags are useful. Explain that whenever people smell more than a few fragrances the scents all begin to get mixed up and smell the same, by smelling the tea bag in between each fragrance will help to take away the fragrance they have just sniffed and allow them to try the next one more clearly.

It is also worth pointing out that fragrances do smell different on different people so whether you like a fragrance on someone else or not it is best to try it on yourself before you decide.

Get them to give each of the fragrances a mark out of five on their Fragrances Testing Sheet, this will help them find the right fragrances for them.

FM Perfume Party
Close the presentation by thanking everyone for coming and explain that anyone who wants to try any of the fragrances they have not yet tried can now do so. List of top ten fragrances is handy, you will find this information when you login to your FM account.

Say that you will be coming around to everyone to help them with selecting the products they may like and completing their order forms. If anyone has to leave early tell them to let you know so you can go to assist them first.

Collecting Orders

Inform the guests that they can pay you by cash or Paypal if you accept this (for details about accepting Paypal payments please visit Paypal’s own website). Give the delivery date, I normally say a week as this gives you time to put the order in and add on the orders of anyone who could not attend but the host may be able to speak to afterwards and therefore increase the party total. As we know delivery from head office is incredibly fast to us.

Thank the host again for organising the party and explain that the host will be receiving their rewards based on the total sales and bookings made. And state what rewards those booking will receive (this is up to you, many people tend to give 10% in products).

Your Way

All of this page is just to give you some help and ideas, be yourself at your party and do the presentation in your own words.

The more natural you are, and the more you enjoy yourself, the more sales and bookings you will generate.

Read the fabulous Business Opportunity Leaflet available to download or purchase from UK office, it gives you information about FM, the products and business all in one leaflet. This will help you so you to easily pass the info to your party guests, you won’t have to stress about remember things and you will be able to relax and enjoy the party with everyone else.

Party Games

Party games are a great fun way to break the ice at a party, download these easy to do games and give them a try . . .

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