How Strong Are FM Perfumes

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20 August 2015


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Perfume Strengths: How Strong Are FM Perfumes?

Would you like to know a little secret about perfumes? Every single formulation out there has a different level of strength. That’s right –  the amount of perfume oil in your scent, alongside its top, middle, and base notes directly impacts on how powerful it is, and many hours it’ll last on your skin! 

FM World Aftershave Strengths

Head out to the shops for a designer bottle, and you’re likely to pay over £50 for a fragrance with just 10% perfume oil and lacklustre longevity, or hundreds for a genuinely strong one. Luckily, there’s an excellent option out there for people seeking strong scents at great-value prices: FM World

FM has been creating captivating fragrances since 2004, all of which are known worldwide for their quality and affordability. Their formulas focus strongly on concentration, ensuring that your chosen fragrance stays with you throughout the day. But just how long do they last? Let’s dive in:

Understanding Perfume Strength

So, let’s start with oils. Just how much perfume oil is needed to make a strong fragrance? The perfume world has three main concentration levels: Parfum, Eau de Parfum, and Eau de Toilette. The firstoffers a 20%-30% perfume oil concentration level, resulting in the richest possible scent experience and significant scent throw and longevity. If you want your perfume to last all day (and beyond), there’s no better choice than Parfum. Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette offer a  lower concentration at around 15%-20% and 5-15% respectively– making them an option for shorter daytime wear. 

Of course, concentration levels aren’t the only factor impacting perfume strength and longevity. Your fragrance’s notes can also play a role – with the balance of top, middle, and bottom being highly important. For example, fragrances with a higher proportion of base notes, such as woodsy or musky scents, tend to last longer on the skin. The better the quality of the ingredients used to create these notes, the better the scent’s longevity. 

Lastly, the unique chemistry of your skin, including factors such as skin type, pH levels, and even diet, can impact how a fragrance smells and lasts on you. Testing a fragrance on your skin is the best way to determine how it will perform for you personally – but most studies indicate that hydrated and oilier skin types hold scent for longer, and aid in projection.

FM World’s Perfume Strength  

FM World combines concentration, ingredient quality, and world-class formulas in order to produce some of the best-smelling, longest-lasting fragrances available on the market today. Their Intense collection is the epitome of their efforts, boasting a concentration level of up to 30% fragrance oils. Their Pure, Pheromone, Pure Royal and Utique collections are Parfum strength too at 20%.  While many other brands offer only Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette fragrances with a 5 – 20% concentration, theexclusive FM collections offer a luxurious and long-lasting scent experience, with most fragrances lasting anywhere from 6 hours upwards!

Featuring compositions crafted by some of the world’s leading perfumers, FM perfumes tick every box of the perfume strength checklist. Their perfectly balanced formulations feature some of the most captivating base notes available, whilst ingredient quality is always ensured. 

Not convinced? Their five-star reviews and countless happy customers speak for themselves!    

FM Perfume Strengths

How to Make Perfume Smell Stronger and Last Longer   

No matter how well-formulated or strong your perfume is, there’s always room for improvement! Our perfume experts know the best ways to care for and apply your FM perfume – making even the strongest last longer than ever before. Why not try the following tips?

Store With Care 

How you store your perfume can make a big difference to its longevity and general performance. If you want to ensure your FM perfume smells stronger for longer, be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Heat and light have the power to degrade any perfume quickly – negatively impacting both its performance and lifespan. Why not try moving your beautiful bottles from your windowsill to your dressing table? You’ll soon see and smell the difference. 

Prepare Your Skin

Dry skin is the ultimate foil to scent strength and longevity. Our experts recommend properly preparing your skin before misting in order to prevent it. Put simply, this will help form stronger bonds between it and either the essential oils or synthetic molecules in your fragrance. Whether using a moisturiser, oil, or serum, be sure that your application areas are hydrated and ready to amplify your chosen perfume. 

Apply With Precision 

With your skin properly prepped, it’s time to apply your scent. We recommend spraying towards some key points: namely your wrists, neck, and décolleté. Some fragrance lovers also opt to spray the inner elbows and backs of the knees. These application areas are ideal thanks to their relatively high temperature – which helps strengthen fragrances of all kinds from first spray through to the end of the day. 

Keep in mind that rubbing your perfume during application can cause its molecules to break down and bring out top notes too quickly. For a full, long-lasting fragrance experience, simply mist and go. 

Spray Your Clothes

Want to emphasise your scent further? Your clothes could be key. Natural, woven fabrics like cotton and wool have a strong ability to retain perfume molecules, acting as a literal trap for them. With this being said, be sure to avoid applying dark-coloured scents to light clothing, as stains could ensue. Additionally, avoid spraying within the vicinity of leather products or jewellery – just to be safe. 

Use Layering Techniques

Love fragrance? Why not double up? Layering is a common scent-strengthening tactic in the perfume world. Simply take your favourite FM perfume, and pair it with complementary scented products from body washes to moisturisers, antiperspirants, and creams. In doing so, you’ll build a great scent foundation. The FM catalogue has no shortage of options! 

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Are you searching for quality, long-lasting perfumes? FM World’s high-concentration options are the ideal choice. To make a purchase, get in touch with an FM distributor! They’ll be happy to help find the perfect scent for you among our 200-plus bottles. 

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