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Discover our top Federico Mahora Pure Home fragrance picks below, or read on to discover how to become a product distributor with us. Whether you’ve always dreamed of running your own wax melt, diffuser, candle, or perfume business, want to become your own boss, or are interested in creating your own income stream, teaming up with us as a partner could be the opportunity for you. Did we mention it’s 100% free to sign up?

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FM World UK Distributor Products

Discover FM Pure Home Diffusers, Room Sprays, and More

Bring the magic of perfume to your home with FM World’s range of PureHome scented products. Our exclusive line of home fragrances, wax melts, candles, mists, air fresheners and more will allow you to surround yourself and your loved ones with your favourite Federico Mahora scents for hours at a time.

Why not take advantage of your member’s purchasing discount and make a profit as an FM World business partner? Sign up to sell top Pure Home fragrance products with us for free and earn up to 30% profit on sales today!

Why Choose Federico Mahora Pure Home Fragrance?

Scents for Every Home

Every home is different – so why should all home scent ranges be the same? Our Pure Home range is available in a wide range of fragrance options – from vibrant citruses and fragrant florals to FM Pure scented perfume creations.

Designed and Blended by Perfumiers

Our luxury ingredients aren’t just used in our best-selling perfumes! Each of Federico Mahora’s Pure Home fragrance products, from wax melts to diffusers, contains high-concentration perfume oils designed, produced, and refined by a luxury fragrance manufacturer.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Our Pure Home range was designed by industry experts to be beautiful inside and out, featuring minimalist, classic colours and shapes crafted to pair with and enhance any space.

Proudly Ethical

FM World is a proudly fair and ethical organisation. Each member of the FM family benefits from our fair principles and commitment to free training, and good working conditions. Our dedication to good goes further than this though – much of our packaging is eco-friendly and our products are not tested on animals.

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Launch your Own Federico Mahora Pure Home Fragrance Business

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home scent business? Maybe you’ve got a passion for perfume, love candles, or want to sell your own line of diffusers? Or perhaps you’re looking to make a living doing what you love? Whatever your aspirations, FM World is here to help.

In partnering with FM World, you’ll be able to start your very own home fragrance company – for free! You’ll have complete control over your business – becoming your own boss, and even building your own team with no targets to meet and huge earning potential!

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Sell FM World Pure Home UK

Become your Own Boss

How does it work? We’ll provide a range of hundreds of quality products to you at a highly discounted price point, all of which you’ll be able to sell on to customers for a direct profit of up to 30%! It really is that simple.

From the moment you sign up, you’ll be given the resources and guidance you’ll need to design your career, manage your time, and build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’d like to keep things small-scale and make a little income on the side, or start your own home fragrance empire, we’ll support you every step of the way.

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Why Register for FM World UK?

Joining FM World UK is free and simple - with endless benefits.

How to Register as an FM World Seller

Are you ready to get started? Here’s how the FM World sign-up process works:

  1. Sign Up

    Simply fill in our short sign up form to start your FM World journey. Don’t worry – you don’t need to pay any fees or buy a starter kit – joining us as a member is 100% free.

  2. Sponsor Discussion

    Your FM World sponsor or a member of your ‘upline’ will reach out to you soon after you’ve completed our sign-up form. They’ll chat with you about your business ambitions, and make sure you’re signed up for all the training you’ll need to succeed.

  3. Start Earning

    You get begin straightaway, supported by simple online training – and start using your discount to experience the fabulous FM products for yourself, as well as being ready to start earning! Your profit will be the direct mark-up from your sales – meaning your earning potential is fantastic.

  4. Create your own Structure – become a Sponsor!

    By building your own group of independent business partners, you’ll earn extra money depending on the point turnover and structure achieved by your group and the structure of your group.
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FM World’s Other Products

Want to go beyond home fragrances? Discover our wide range of luxury products including perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, and nutrition lines:

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How to Build Your Income With FM World

Do you want to find out more about how the FM World opportunity could benefit you? Whether you’re interested in our range of perfume, makeup, and home products, are looking for exclusive discounts, or want to increase your income by creating a direct sales empire, you’ll find everything you need to know in our business presentation here. 


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Federico Mahora Pure Home Fragrance FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

Federico Mahora perfumes have had immense success over the past few years, allowing for an expansion into beauty, cosmetics and wellbeing products. But the product range doesn’t stop there; FM understands the desire to feel luxurious – even with an affordable price tag. That’s why used the scents from our beloved Pure fragrance ranges to inspire a collection of gorgeous home scent products.

Whether you want to enjoy our amazing fragrances with a simple spritz of FM home perfumes, freshen up your storage with wardrobe hanging fragrances, or get cosy with FM’s range of calming candles and wax melts, there is something to suit everyone and their abode.

With us, the luxury doesn’t just stop at your bottled fragrance, but continues throughout your home all day! FM World has transformed some of their most loved Pure and Pure Royal range of perfumes into amazing home products.

There are many Pure Home and Pure Royal Home products available for our FM lovers; fragrance sticks and sprays, candles, wax melts, air and wardrobe fresheners, and even pillow mists! With the vast choice of home products FM offers, comes a wide range of prices allowing everyone – no matter the budget – to enjoy a dash of opulence in their lives! Want to know more? Take a closer look at the range for yourself.

Why just stick to using body perfumes to enjoy your favourite fragrances? With FM, there’s a wide range of their signature scents in the form of ‘Home Ritual fragrance sticks’; an amazing addition to any room that don’t just smell great, but look sophisticated too.

With fragrance sticks, the perfume essence slowly travels up the long stems to be released throughout the day, giving you a consistent, elegant fragrance wherever you house it. The unique, longstanding formulation of FM’s famous perfumes has not been compromised in this home scent addition; your home will soon be filled with a luxurious aroma that lasts up to 70 days!

FM Home Ritual candles provide an aromatherapy experience like no other from the comfort of your own home. Available in many of your favourite fragrances from both the Pure and Pure Royal FM ranges, there is a candle for everyone! These candles are 150g each giving you an impressive 25+ hours of burn time of complete serenity. The elegant glass design not only encapsulates the timeless FM perfume’s scent but is a must-have accessory to any side table or nightstand to achieve that luxury look.

FM’s Pure and Pure Royal signature perfume scents are formulated along with hydro-refind paraffin and a high-quality wick that meets strict regulatory requirements, ensuring your candle remains safe whilst burning.

If you are a candle fanatic and desire something more – not only to smell good but to do good too – why not try our Pure Royal Home eco range? Made with soy wax and a lead and zinc-free wick, these products offer an environmentally friendly way to achieve a serene home setting. There are currently 6 essential oil scents to choose from – helping to lift your mood with orange and patchouli, calm your mind with lavender, or even improve your airways with eucalyptus and mint – you are bound to find one that takes your fancy! 

At 180g each, you are guaranteed up to 25 hours of well-being bliss; the sleek engraved glass and wooden lid, make them an excellent, elegant gift or homeware accessory. 

FM Cosmetics Pure Home