What’s so special about the new FM Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette?

It is a unique set of astonishing eyeshadows, that let you create the look you want and is perfect for both daytime and evening make-up.

Are the Eyeshadows matte or satin?

The new Palette offers an abundance of effects including:
• matte
• satin
• shiny eyeshadows

FM Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

Are the Eyeshadows long-lasting or will they come off?

The Eyeshadows guarantee perfect colour coverage from the first application. They’re long-lasting, don’t fade, fall out or crease.

Are the new Eyeshadows rich in skincare ingredients?

Yes, they are. The Eyeshadows are rich in vitamin C and E, as well as they, contain an innovative combination of hyaluronic acid and powder which perfectly moisturise the skin and smooth out minor fine lines.

What do I use to apply the Eyeshadows to the eyelid?

Apply the Eyeshadows with your fingertips, an applicator or a brush to control colour intensity.

How many colour versions of the Palette are there?

There’s one version of the Palette available. It offers as many as 9 different colours, which are bound to delight any woman. The harmoniously matched colours enable you to create both day and evening make-up.

What type of beauty are these Eyeshadows recommended for?

The abundance of colours makes the new shadows look beautiful on various types of beauty and skin colours. Additionally, each of the Eyeshadows is highly pigmented, strong and will add unique character to your make-up.

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