How To Begin Selling FM Products

We would love to share with you some ideas on selling the products . ..


Use The Products Yourself

Naturally you will want to wear the fragrances yourself and this is a great way to generate interest in the products. It is best to choose a FM fragrance that is from a different fragrance family to the fragrances you usually wear, and do vary which FM fragrance you choose, as you want to encourage people to comment on your fragrance so you can tell them about our range of perfumes and aftershaves.

There are many other FM products that you can purchase for yourself at Business Partner prices including shower gel, shampoo, make-up, home products, car care, pet care and now coffee and tea too. Don’t throw away any existing products from other companies you may be using, simply purchase FM ones when the item runs out. Why would you want to buy from someone else when you can buy high quality products at Business Partner prices from your own business?

FM products also make great gifts, and by giving them as presents you will be giving more people the chance to experience for themselves the superior quality of our fragrances and help to gain yourself more customers.

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