How to Find Your First FM World Customers

Published on

04 February 2018


Strong Habet Team

Are You Selling the Emotional Benefits?

Why would someone buy a product from you? Why would they want to join your business? By understanding the answers to these questions, you can become more effective in growing your network marketing income.

If you want to build a successful business you need to be able to talk to your target audience in a way that will help you to generate more sales and attract people to want to join your team.

Your communication has to tell your prospects what is in it for them, the real benefits they will gain from action that you are asking them to take.

People buy for emotional reasons, they may support it with logic, but it is the emotions that cause the purchase decision. Think about the last time you bought a mobile phone. You were likely already sold on it before you went to the shop, the advertising and social media promotion that the company had done made you think that this was the make and model of phone you wanted to buy, how much better and easier it would make your life, how cool you would be amongst your friends because you had the latest handset.

Features – Support Buying Decision

When you went to the store to see it, or looked at it online, you checked out the features that it had, sure you did, but only to support in your mind the decision you had already made to buy it. The great camera, battery life and storage for your music and videos were the facts you used to justify your buying decision.

Let’s look at how this works with one of FM World most popular products, Nutricode Slim Extreme. The features for a weight loss products are the ingredients. Slim Extreme includes great diet aids like glucomannan, chromium, zinc and garcinia cambogia extract. But what advantages does it have over other weight loss products?

Advantages – Why Should They Buy This Product?

Advantages are what makes a product or an opportunity different from anything else, These days shoppers are very savvy, they will look around online – they want to know why this is the product for them.

Sometimes advantages can talk about the features, like glucomannan being highly effective in reducing body mass. But what makes Slim Extreme unique is the all day weight loss control system, it works day and night to reduce weight rationally and keeps your skin beautiful whilst losing weight.

Are talking about the features and advantages enough to grab someone’s attention enough to make them want to buy? Most of the time, no! They want to know the benefit for them, what problem that they are facing will the product solve.

Benefits – What Problems Will It Solve? 

What problem do most dieters face? cravings, those oh so tempting cakes and sweets! So a big benefit is that Slim Extreme reduce cravings for sweets and the desire to snack between meals.

 slim extreme helps fight cake cravings

Benefits can also link together the features and advantages. The night time effervescent tablets contain Biotin, that is a feature. When showing the benefit, you can link that to the advantage that Biotin takes care of proper metabolism of energy and macronutrients by saying that Slim Extreme helps your metabolism to work for you whilst you sleep.

You can go one step further and tell people about the benefit of the weight loss that they could get, for example being able to fit into their favourite dress again. That sort of emotional trigger is very powerful.

The same steps of features, advantages and benefits can be applied to any product. FM perfumes have the feature of containing a high amount of perfume oil. What is the advantage? It means it lasts longer on your skin. The benefit is that people notice it for longer and the emotional trigger is that it makes you feel more confident and  gets the attention of the those around you.

When you are talking to people about any product, think to yourself what would be the trigger that would make them to emotionally want to buy that product from you. Focus on the emotional triggers and you will naturally sell more products.