Published on

22 February 2017


Strong Habet Team

Your Simple Steps To Onboarding New Team Members | FM World

When onboarding new team members, it is crucial to provide them with the best possible start in the business, which can be achieved through these simple steps:

1. Welcome
If local to you, arrange to meet up with them and welcome them face to face.
If not local you can use phone, text or Facebook message

2. FM News App
Give them the details of the FM News App so they get to hear quickly about the regular special offers.

3. Facebook Support
Add them as a friend on Facebook and then add them to your Facebook support group.

4. How To Use Websites
Don’t just assume they will know how to login to the company website or online shop, show them exactly how to do it. Tell them to watch this our guide to using the shop.

Mention the importance of getting a kit and tell them about looking on Shopping Basket on the online shop for their Smart Start offers.

5. Summary of Business
Show them the team business presentation video that we created. This gives everyone the basic information so that they understand the benefits of being part of FM World. By using this simple tool, you will show them how easy it is for them to do these same steps with someone they sponsor too.

6. Promoting Online
Show them how to promote online with:
Canva – to create great social media picture
Zoom – great for video calls with prospects and team members
Facebook Selling Group – they can set up group to sell FM World products

These steps have been crafted to simplify duplication and sharing with your team members for effectively onboarding new team members as they commence forming their own teams.