How To Build A Team

We all have different goals. However, if you would like to go through to the higher levels you will need to build a team. Building a team will maximise your income potential with FM World.

The points to move you up the levels come from all your team, EVERY single member, those you have personally introduced AND those introduced by any member of your team. Isn’t that great?

So how do we recruit? …

Our 6 Ways Of Recruiting That We Would Love To Share With You

1. Business Opportunity Leaflets

An excellent concertina style leaflet that covers the necessary information about FM World that you can show to your friends, your customers, party hosts, neighbours etc to show them and help them make decision about joining your team.

2. Social Media

There are a growing number of social media sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn etc which provide you with an opportunity to make contact with people you know, have known from the past or find on the site. In your status / profile on the sites make sure you mention about your FM business with a link to your FM website if you have one, and regular mention in any news item type options on the social network about your FM successes and that you are looking for more people to join you in the business.

Look for local hairdressers, beauticians, small business owners etc, they are all looking for extra income, so great people to connect with.

If you would like to build fan page click here for our step by step guide

Videos are very good for social media adverting – see Videos for Team

3. Asking for Referrals

Building a contact list is key to recruiting and becoming successful team leader. Ask everyone if they could give you 3 contacts they have who might be interested in earning extra money. 3 new contacts a day would give you over 1000 new contacts a year. (don’t forget to build your contact list on social media too, just 3 new contacts on there would also mean over 1000 new social media contacts a year).

4. Online Advertising

One great, and often free, way to advertise is on the many classified ad websites on the internet, they are changing all the time, with new ones springing up, but a quick way to find them is simply to do a Google search for “free classified ads”.

Classified advert wording can be limited so concentrating on basics is best, e.g:

Earn Money Selling Perfume and Aftershave. Generous Commission. No experience Needed. Free Info your tel no and email address or website


FM World is expanding rapidly. Perfume Distributors Required. Free Info Pack your tel no and email address or website.


Stay At Home Mums and Dads can earn more than go to work mums and dads. Free Info Pack your tel no and email address or website

5. Making Local Contacts

Use Business Cards (see free design) and leaflets available from FM to introduce your FM business to people you see in your local area. Always try and get their phone number or email address, so that you can contact them rather than wait for them to contact you.

Everywhere you go for enjoyment (park, playground, gym, pub) and everywhere you shop you can make contacts, invite people to try your products and look at your business.

It is about telling people about how you can help them save money, rather than being a salesperson.

6. Local Events, Pop Up Shops, Recruiting Stalls

Contact local organisations (charities, nurses school, women’s groups, churches etc) and say that you wish to help them raise money by you selling FM products and sharing part of your commission with them, for example having a stall at their events.

The main purpose of a stall at these events is to get more contacts (a free prize draw is good way to do this) and recruits. Any sales you make are good at these events but always remember they are not the main purpose.

Ask your local banks and other workplaces if you could have a pop up shop (stall) to give their customers / staff a chance to try and purchase our fragrances. The first time you have a pop up shop in a bank / workplace most people won’t buy, they need to see you there repeatedly to build their confidence to buy from you.

GREAT TIP – Always, always follow up

Some people will say no to the business, others will need some time to think about it, it doesn’t matter, still add them to your contact list. You are looking for bright, positive, enthusiastic people to join your team, consistency is the key and for some it takes a good few months, and for other years, to build a successful business.

Keep adding to your contact list and following up with messages and emails. If you need help on what to say, please contact us.

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