Have you heard of people having a group on Facebook? Ever considered why to bother setting one up? or what is the difference between a fan page and a group?

People create groups to promote products to customers, you can add info about products and testimonials. For example, some distributors have had successful groups about our Metabolism Coffee.

A product group should not be about selling, but rather educating and providing value. Rather than saying why a cream is good for example, you want to tell your potential customers what the real benefits of it are, and this is why testimonials about your own experiences and your customers experiences are so good.

This is just one example we have had “I’m getting so many compliments since I started using your gold regenesis creams, my skin feels smoother, I can see I’ve got less wrinkles and my friends keep asking if I have had a facelift!”

You can also create a group to build your team, letting people know about why they should join FM, talk about how much you enjoy working from home and include info on products that are selling well.

Members of your group will get notifications when you post, whereas if they were just fans of your page they wouldn’t.

In groups you also get more interactions than you do on a page, encourage some of your friends who you add to the group to comment on posts as this will begin the activity for you.

If you are setting up a group for your team, select to have it as a Secret group.

Have someone you trust as joint admin, that way they can post and monitor group if you are not there.

Put a post up welcoming people to the group, letting them know any rules and include a link to team support site http://www.fmteamsite.co.uk . Pin this post, so it always appears at the top.

As with many things in network marketing, consistency is key. You want to be posting in group regularly, at least two or three times a day and also commenting on and liking other posts in group.

Ask open questions in the group, so you get others commenting and beginning to interact.

Keep a sense of fun and excitement in group, share new things, latest news, creative product pictures, videos.

A feeling of friendly competition in group can be good, but make sure all posts and comments are positive.

Create content that others in the group could easily do, for example a quick video done on your phone. This will encourage more people to post.

Let people know about your group, add them to it and ask them to do the same, mention your group regularly so people know it is the place to be on Facebook.

Whether your group is a product one or a team one, it is all about educating group members and building relationships.

Let us know about your Facebook group too, we love to see team members doing well and help whenever we can.

If you found this blog post useful, feel free to share it with others including your team members.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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