What are the FM World Marketing Levels

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18 August 2015


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What are the FM World Marketing Levels?

If you’ve ever wondered about the structure of our FM World marketing levels or thought about how they could influence your journey with us, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a newcomer, eager to understand what FM World has to offer, or a seasoned entrepreneur revisiting how the FM system works, this guide has something for everyone. 

From the Magnolia Club to the prestigious Star Clubs and beyond, with FM World, there are endless benefits and bonuses to be earned. Why not read more about how the FM levels work, and how you can take advantage of them?

What Are FM World Points?

In FM World, the points you accumulate during a month are more than just a number – they represent your growth and the exciting milestones you’ll hit along your entrepreneurship journey. The big question is, how do you earn them? 

Well, the more you sell, the more you’ll earn! Most FM distributors choose to work on an ‘order on demand’ basis – letting their customers request and pay for specific fragrances or products, before placing an order for them at a discounted trade price from the exclusive FM member store. When they place this order, they’ll receive points, representing their sale and success – and will keep the price difference between their customer’s RRP payment and their FM order as profit. 

In addition to this, when your sales group – your fragrance family – sells and orders products, it’s a win-win situation. Your personal and group points can also help you towards qualifications on incentives and bonuses, from discounts to cars and holidays! So, while you enjoy your selling and ordering, remember there’s a whole world of growth waiting for you with your FM World sales team.

How Do FM World Points Work?

FM World points work on a month-by-month basis, meaning that every month, your points start accumulating from square one. The more you sell, the more points you accumulate, helping you climb to higher effectiveness levels, and earn better bonuses. It’s a race, but one where you set the pace. 

This monthly cycle, while resetting your points, doesn’t erase your achievements. Instead, it offers a fresh canvas every month for you to paint your success story. It challenges and encourages you to outdo yourself!

How Do You Earn in FM World Marketing Levels?

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a single mum wanting to earn money working from home, knowing how you can earn bonuses in FM World marketing levels is essential. So, to make the most of your efforts in FM World read on for a clear picture of how bonuses are calculated and what you can do to enhance them.

Points Turnover

Your bonuses are based on your monthly activity, so the more you succeed, the more you can earn. The points turnover you’ve managed to accumulate? It’s like a real-time scoreboard showing just how well you’re doing. Every product you sell, every recommendation you make, it all adds up. So, the higher your turnover and better your team structure, potentially the higher your profits. 

Effectiveness Level

Think of this as your rank within your FM World journey. Starting out as a Magnolia? That’s great! But as you grow, you might want to aim for a Golden Magnolia status. Why? Because your effectiveness level and team structure directly impact your earnings. But, it’s not just about your level, the ranks of those you’ve introduced to FM World, and the people you’ve sponsored, also come into play. So, mentoring and supporting your team is key to success in your FM World journey.

50 Points Rule

The 50 points rule works by always ensuring that you’ve stacked up at least 50 personal points in that month. But, remember, it’s a team effort, so if you’ve got several Business Partner Numbers under your belt, make sure each one (Main and Additional Numbers) hits that 50-point benchmark. 

How Do You Earn in FM World Marketing Levels

What Are The FM World Marketing Levels?

The FM World marketing levels are thoughtfully crafted stages that recognise and reward your dedication, efforts, and sales. By accumulating points through product sales and group efforts, you climb these levels, and each ascent brings its own set of advantages and perks. For a full overview of these levels, please refer to the FM World Marketing Plan.

The Level 1 Magnolia Club Effectiveness Levels

The Level 1 Magnolia Club offers a progressive path for budding enthusiasts to bloom into accomplished business owners. So, whether you’re just setting roots or preparing to blossom, the Magnolia Club beckons with opportunities and rewards at every tier.


With an effectiveness level of 0% – 9% (calculated using you and your group’s monthly point totals), this is where your journey begins. The Magnolia level represents fresh beginnings and potential. At this stage, you’re familiarising yourself with FM World’s vast product range, and honing your sales skills. While it’s the first step on the ladder, it’s a crucial phase of learning and exploration.

Silver Magnolia

Stepping up to the Silver Magnolia tier with a 12% – 18% effectiveness level showcases your growing expertise and expanding influence. At this point, you’ve made a noticeable impact on your sales, and your group is flourishing. This Silver Magnolia is a testament to your dedication and hints at the exciting journey still ahead.

Golden Magnolia

Reaching the Golden Magnolia level with an effectiveness level of 21% is a significant milestone in your FM World adventure. Symbolising peak achievement in FM World marketing level 1, this level means you’ve mastered the art of sales, become a member of a thriving sales group, and accumulated commendable points. While being a Golden Magnolia is a badge of honour, showcasing your commitment, and sales prowess, it’s only the beginning of your FM World journey.

The Level 2 Orchid Club Effectiveness Levels

The Level 2 Orchid Club provides a path to business success.

Pearl Orchid

The first phase in the Orchid Club, the Pearl Orchid, is all about laying a solid foundation. Here, FM World members are expected to show leadership, guiding at least one significant segment of your network to achieve notable results. You also need to balance your personal efforts, ensuring that you contribute a significant portion towards the collective goal. 

Amaranth Orchid

The Amaranth Orchid level is all about broadening your horizons. It’s not just about leading multiple significant segments but ensuring that each one reaches a consistent level of achievement. The Amaranth Orchid level is a test of your ability to lead multiple teams simultaneously while maintaining consistency. 

Golden Orchid

As you progress through your FM World journey, you reach the Golden Orchid level, where leadership abilities shine bright. Here, you’re steering multiple segments spread across the network, showcasing your ability to influence and manage across a broader spectrum.

Diamond Orchid

The pinnacle of the Orchid Club, the Diamond Orchid, is where only the creme de la creme find themselves. It demands overseeing a considerable number of high-performing segments. This level is a testament to your unparalleled leadership skills, strategic vision, and an unmatched understanding of FM World’s ethos.

The Level 3 Elite Star Club Effectiveness Levels

The Level 3 Elite Star Club isn’t just another tier, it represents the mastery, dedication, and success that you’ve put into your FM World community. As you advance through the Elite Star Club, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the best, those who’ve transformed their passions into palpable results. While reserved for only the most committed, for those reaching for the stars, you can find out more information by making an inquiry with your group’s leader.

Jasper Star

At the Jasper Star level, you’ll be leading a diverse and multi-layered team, with key members attaining significant milestones. With a mix of well-established members and rising stars, you’re capable of expanding and maintaining balance in your team structure. It’s the unique inclusions that set your team apart, by showcasing your ability to nurture and guide your members to notable achievements.

Amethyst Star

Stepping up to the Amethyst Star level means managing a larger, even more diverse group. This level demands expertise in recognising and promoting potential. When you’re a leader at this level, you’ll ensure you have a solid foundation, with members at varying levels of achievement. But, it’s not just about showcasing your knack for identifying and fostering newcomers, it’s about being able to maintain those long-standing associates too, reinforcing a versatile team dynamic with a blend of old and new.

Malachite Star

While the Amethyst Star level is where the relationship between newcomers and long-standing members is forged, the Malachite Star level is where that harmony flourishes. As a leader at this level, you’ll ensure that your base is robust with high-achievers, but also understand the value of nurturing emerging contributors. This unique blend of fresh and seasoned talent is what sets the Malachite Star level apart.

Nephrite Star

When you’re a Nephrite Star level leader, you’re known for your expansive team, marked by members who have reached some of the highest milestones. At this level, you’ll have a talent for balancing the energies of top performers with those poised to make their mark. By ensuring steady progress across the board, you’ll excel in spotting potential and providing the necessary mentorship.

Onyx Star

Reaching the Onyx Star level means you’ve achieved mastery in your team management and growth. When you’re a leader at this level, you’re boasting an enriched team structure, peppered with top-tier achievers. It’s your team’s depth and breadth, combined with a substantial presence of new high-achievers, that set you apart. But the work doesn’t end there, when you’re an Onyx Star, you’re always on the lookout for growth and excellence, ensuring that every layer of your team resonates with success.

What Are The FM World Marketing Levels’ Benefits?

Journeying through FM World is more than just reaching new heights and titles, it’s about experiencing transformative benefits at every step. Each level, from the Magnolia Club to the distinguished Elite Star Club, unlocks a series of bonuses and benefits.

One of the foundational perks, available to members at all levels, is the advantage of securing our premium products at exclusive prices of up to 30% off. This not only allows you to enjoy the best of FM World products, but it also provides you with a competitive edge when retailing – after all, you keep all profit on products you sell.

The FM World marketing level structure is meant to mirror your effort. So, as you climb, the structure becomes more rewarding. By managing your structure, understanding the point turnovers, and ensuring that both you and your team are active, you optimise your monthly earnings. 

Success with us can also unlock exclusive opportunities, events, and perks – from earning the keys to a luxury car with our ‘Drive for Success’ incentive to unlocking exclusive vouchers of up to £300, and bonuses of up to £1,200. Whether you’re intrigued by the allure of our premium range or inspired by the potential of a flourishing network, there’s a range of benefits for you. 

FM World Marketing Levels Benefits

Advance Through The FM World Marketing Levels 

Ready to start reaping the benefits? Then why not indulge in our top-tier products by becoming an FM World preferred customer? As a part of this community, you gain exclusive access to our premium product range, ensuring you’re always surrounded by the finest we have to offer. Plus, there are those member-only offers to look forward to!

Or, maybe you’re someone with bigger dreams on the horizon, aiming to not only experience but also to inspire. In that case, the role of an FM World distributor can answer your calling for a career where passion meets opportunity. By rising through our levels and expanding your network, you not only boost your earnings but uplift countless others along the way. 

So, where do you see yourself? Basking in the luxury of our products or paving your path to business greatness? Either way, when you join FM World, every level you ascend, every product you explore, and every team member you onboard brings you closer to a world of unparalleled opportunities.