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27 October 2022


Strong Habet Team

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing has become a big word in the world of business people and entrepreneurship. But what exactly is it, how does it work, and how could it help you build your dream life? FM World’s experts are here to explain.

In short, network marketing is one of the most effective, people-driven business models in the world. Companies use it in place of a traditional approach to marketing and sales. Whereas other businesses’ strategies might revolve around renting physical shops/stores and spending big on advertising, those using network marketing place the ownership of their sales onto people interested in creating their own brand – allowing them to build their business using and profit from their products.

For example, within the FM network marketing structure, members can order from a whole range of FM products at highly discounted trade prices, before selling them to their network of friends, family, and customers at retail value – keeping the profit. They’re also able to earn commission and bonuses as part of an FM team, whether they choose to remain as a member, or build their own! 

How does FM network marketing work?

Growing a business on your own can be time-consuming and complex, so why not bring in the cavalry to assist? Forget creating products, investing huge amounts of money into research and advertising, and paying rent for physical locations. FM’s network marketing business model provides best-selling products and a community of empowered partners, ready to support the journey to success. 

When executed correctly, network marketing can open doors like no other and with like-minded, budding businesspeople at your side (physically or virtually) growth can be immense. FM members are encouraged to come together to share knowledge and expertise; the use of mentors or coaches within team structures is a great technique to guarantee sales approaches are consistent and instil confidence in newly recruited representatives. Using the power of human connections, socialising, and consistency will build a web of reliable relationships – each new contact brought on board will prove to be vital for success. 

What does a network marketing business model look like?

Network marketing is an ever-growing industry that some people are sceptical about joining, so let’s break it down and clear up any misconceptions. 


With network marketing, there’s no need to create your own stock or invest in R&D. In fact, with FM World, existing products are available for business partners to purchase at discounted trade prices. These items can be sold by said business partners/distributors directly to customers for a markup reaching up to 30%! If you’re on the hunt for showstopping stock, look no further. The FM catalogue contains products famous for their undeniable quality and affordability. Any profit that has been made from the customer’s purchase goes directly into the distributor’s pocket.


Earnings made solely from product sales can prove to be extremely fruitful, but why stop there? Build a brand and create a team of motivated businesspeople to earn group bonuses and incentives! Each member that joins FM as a Distributor has the opportunity to recruit team members who can recruit further members and so on until the network looks something like this

Expanding your team, although coming with obvious upsides, is not an essential factor when joining FM; individuals can shape their career paths and businesses themselves with the full support of FM World behind them. 


You might be thinking, how will I join a company like FM World without any network marketing experience? The answer is simple – you don’t need any! The beauty of this ever-growing industry is that at each level people are always learning, therefore prior experience is not necessary. When joining FM, new members are equipped with unlimited mentorship by existing FM distributors.

FM World values transparency. Anyone that wants to join or just find out more about the company can find marketing and business plans for their information. 

FM Network Marketing and Making Money

FM is known for its ability to transform lives and make dreams happen. Their years of expertise in the field and incredible expansion allows budgets to be funnelled into producing high-quality products for their die-hard fans and customers whilst providing hard-working distributors with incredible incentives and bonuses! But how do you actually make money with FM?

Products have a retail markup of up to 30% – distributors buy products at a discounted trade price and 100% of the difference is allocated directly to them. For example, if a perfume product has a distributor price of £24.00 and re-sale is £34.00, the distributor making that sale will earn £10. 

Although direct profit is the most straightforward method to making money with FM, other avenues are available. A further breakdown of this can be found in our How do FM World points work? blog.

Is Network Marketing the Same as Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing, or MLM for short, is the same concept as network marketing; the fundamental ideas and business design are based on the use of genuine connections with customers to make sales, and expanding client reach through new recruitments. FM World operates on this basis, placing ownership onto their members, encouraging individual and group growth, and rewarding those that work hard. 

The Difference Between Network Marketing and Direct Selling

Network marketing is a concept that goes hand-in-hand with direct selling. It’s not a case of whether there is differentiation between the two, but how they are put into practice. Unlike traditional shopping experiences, direct selling offers tangible and virtual shopping options to suit as many customers as possible. In today’s world, this contact doesn’t have to be face-to-face! The increased use of social platforms, due to the world’s infamous lockdowns, allows you to reach people from all over the world – your audience is infinite!

In order to obtain these audiences, you must first dive into the world of network marketing – using your various platforms, already-formed relationships, and drive to attract new customers and potential team members. Businesses and network development can happen fairly quickly when using our expert sales tips so be sure to read up and continuously learn to improve your success! 

Start Network Marketing with FM World Today

The world of network marketing has grown tenfold in the last decade, continuously proving to be highly profitable for those that delve into the industry. 

Are you interested in becoming your own boss or creating an additional income stream? Start network marketing today with FM World. We have a simple joining process which is also 100% free! Follow the easy steps below to become an FM member today:

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