is there a difference between perfume and aftershave

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28 August 2021


Strong Habet Team

What’s the Difference Between Perfume and Aftershave?

The world of fragrance is constantly evolving. If you’re shopping for a new product, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the immense choice of perfumes, aftershaves and colognes available on the market. 

One of the things people ask us most is ‘what is the difference between perfume and aftershave?’. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at both options and explore the unique traits of each type of fragranced product.

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is there a difference between perfume and aftershave

The Key Differences Between Perfume and Aftershave: 

They’re Designed to Serve Different Purposes

One of the key differences between perfume and aftershave is their differing functions. Traditionally, aftershave was designed to work as an antiseptic, patted on the cheeks of men post-shave to clean any cuts and speed up the healing process. While this purpose has been lost somewhat over time, it still remains the primary focus of aftershave manufacturing. 

In comparison, perfume serves an entirely scent-orientated function. Designed to be sprayed onto skin or clothes, this fragranced product doesn’t offer any other benefits other than making its user smell exceptional.

Perfume and Aftershave Have Evolved Over Time

The term ‘aftershave’ is often used as a less feminine word to describe male perfume, but it is actually quite misleading. As we mentioned earlier, the function of aftershave has evolved over time. Once loved for its medicinal alcohol formula, it’s now used more freely as a scented spray, despite that not actually being its intended purpose. Aftershave now also comes in moisturisers and other light lotions, designed to sting less than their predecessors while providing the same antibacterial properties.

While perfume was once only available as a spray in a bottle, the forms you can now buy the product in have grown and expanded. People are now enjoying perfume in variations such as solid balms, scented oils and tubed lipsticks. Since its sole purpose is to provide a scent sensation, perfume continues to be loved and used by women (and men) all over the globe. 

Perfume Is a Unisex Product 

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding perfume is that it’s only designed for women. While many scents are preferred for a more feminine smell, there are plenty of fragrances on the market that carry a more masculine vibe. Created using a complex process of chemical composition, perfume is a scent-led product designed for every gender to enjoy, offering a range of smells to suit every personality. 

Aftershave and Perfume are Composed Differently

We’ve already established how aftershave and perfume are designed to serve different purposes, so now we can explore how this impacts their composition. Since perfume is intended to deliver a bold, memorable and long-lasting fragrance, it tends to contain high amounts of scented oils which aid the longevity of the smells. 

In comparison, aftershave usually contains less of these ingredients and higher quantities of alcohol, all to serve its purpose as an antiseptic agent. Since it’s not primarily designed to offer longevity when it comes to fragrance, aftershave contains less of the oils you’d find in the chemical makeup of perfume. 

That’s everything you need to know about the differences between perfume and aftershave. 

perfume v aftershave

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