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12 April 2016


Strong Habet Team

Where To Apply Your Perfume

Have you ever wondered how to apply perfume for the best scent and longevity? Our experts are here to help.

In general, you should put perfume on your pulse points. These are the areas of your body which emit the most heat – allowing the perfume to diffuse out from your body.

Some of these points you probably already know about, but others listed here will surprise you!


These are often the first pulse points that people apply perfume to, but don’t make the mistake of rubbing your wrists together afterwards as the friction can damage the scent.

If you use your hands a lot when you talk, you could also give the back of your hands a spray. This will make other people notice your fragrance more.

Inner Elbows

The inner elbow pulse points have the advantage of holding the fragrance in the bend of your arms.

Putting some matching or unscented body lotion on your skin before you spray the perfume in that area hydrates your skin. This helps the fragrance last longer.

Belly Button

This good area is often missed. Put the perfume on your fingers first and then dab it gently on your belly button. Ideal when wearing a bikini.

Behind Knees

The areas behind your knees are warm and soft, perfect for spraying perfume that you want to last. This is a particularly good tactic in the summer months.

Lower Legs

You can spray both your ankles and calves, they will move the fragrance around as you move. As fragrance rises, it is important to include these low parts of the body.


Moving to the very top now, the strands of your hair will hold onto any perfume sprayed onto it. Just be careful how often you do it as, the alcohol in perfumes can also dry your hair. It is better to spray it in the air above your brush or comb before you style your hair.


Another great pulse point for fragrance is behind your ears. You could also try the tops of your ears, as this part tends to have more hydrated skin.


These areas have dips in the bone structure which are perfect for perfume to settle. If you also wear plunging necklines or strappy tops, it will also mean there is more skin surface for the fragrance to generate from.

Apply Perfume Samples

Spray a couple of the pulse points once or twice. More than that can cause the smell of your fragrance to be too overpowering.

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

There are other ways you can apply perfume make your fragrance last longer.

Try to spray your fragrance onto your skin immediately after drying your skin following a bath or shower. This is the time when your skin will best absorb the fragrance as it is hydrated.

You can also enhance the performance of your perfume by using shower gels and deodorants with matching or similar scents.

Spraying in the air and immediately walking through it is the best way to get the perfume on your clothes. The fibres will hold the scent and add to the perfume you have put on your body.

Selecting the right perfume is also important. Purchase fragrances that have a higher perfume oil content, such as a Parfum or Eau de Parfum strength. Both of these are stronger than Eau de Toilette.

You will also find that fragrances with base notes of woods, musks and ambers will stay longer on your skin. Whereas the fresh and citrus top notes will disappear quite quickly.

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