You have told all your friends about your new FM perfume and cosmetics business, but only some of them want to order from you, Surely they all wear fragrances, all use shower gels or soaps (well hopefully they do anyway!) and all clean their homes, so why are they not all rushing to buy from you right now???

Let’s imagine for a moment you had a shop selling coats. Do all of your friends own coats? Yes, almost certainly. Do they all need a new coat today? No. When they do need a coat will they come to your shop to support you? Some will, but some won’t. Will all of those friends who try on coats in your shop buy? Many will, but some still wouldn’t.

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This is the reality for anyone with any type of business, any type of product or service.

It is no different for perfume, cosmetics or home products. Not everyone you speak to will want to buy those items from you at that very moment, even your friends. Some will buy from you at a later stage and some will never buy from you.

By understanding this, you will realise that you are simply informing people about your products, giving them a chance to try them and an opportunity to buy them. Some will, some won’t, it is their choice. Having this mindset will make you more relaxed, more natural and actually more likely to get sales.

I use to work in the motor insurance profession, and we knew that the only time people normally responded to our sales messages was just before their renewal was due. Did we know when someone reading an advert’s renewal was due? No of course not, but we knew it would be at some point during 12 months.

In the same way, you do not know when a potential customer might want to buy their next perfume. However, what you can do is keep them informed about special offers, new products and other customers’ testimonials. This way it keeps the idea of the fact they can buy perfume from you in their minds. And they might well buy another product from you in the meantime too.


Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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