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Joining FM World is more than just a brilliant career move. It’s a step towards achieving the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Our opportunity is what you make of it. With FM World, you’ll be able to strive toward financial freedom and huge income potential – with every choice you make under your control. Whether you’d like to simply supplement your income by spending a few hours per week recommending fragrances to friends and family, or build your very own FM empire and team as a full-time business, we’ll help you shape your career, ambitions, and future.

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Becoming a business partner with us will give you the chance to make a substantial income, join a booming community of like-minded people, earn standout bonuses and incentives, and more!

Why not sign up for free today and discover how FM World could change your life for the better?

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The Benefits of FM World Explained

There are near endless benefits to signing up as an FM world member - whether as a preferred customer or distributor!

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Want to experience the above benefits of joining FM World and more? We’d love to welcome you to our thriving direct sales community. Becoming a member of FM World is simple, fast, and, most importantly, free! Follow these steps to start your FM journey now:

  1. Fill in the FM Registration Form

    Simply fill in our short form, and let us know which membership tier you’d like to sign up to – ‘Preferred Customer’, our personal shopping discount option, or ‘Distributor’, our direct sales and business building level.

  2. Receive your Details/Sponsor Chat

    Regardless of the tier you’ve selected, you should receive an email containing a link to our member-exclusive trade discount store, alongside your login details to it, within minutes of submitting your form.

  3. Enjoy!

    After you’ve completed the sign-up process, you’re free to get started! From becoming your own boss and starting your own business to using your discount to treat yourself and your loved ones, you’re free to use your account as you please.

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How to Build Your Income With FM World

Do you want to find out more about how the FM World opportunity could benefit you? Whether you’re interested in our range of perfume, makeup, and home products, are looking for exclusive discounts, or want to increase your income by creating a direct sales empire, you’ll find everything you need to know in our business presentation here. 


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FM World Benefits FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

The FM opportunity is what you make of it. – with no start-up costs, extra fees, no set targets or order limits, and no cap on income, you’re truly in control of your business and your earnings. Upon joining us as a distributor, you’ll be able to discover, sell, and earn around 30% direct profit on our in-demand line of ‘affordable luxury’ products, benefit from incentives including bonuses, cars, and luxury holidays, and unlock huge earning potential. For those who decide to take their career one step further and commit to building their own structure, further commission can be earned through the sales of your downline.

FM World offers people across the globe the opportunity to start their own business, enjoy their own time, and earn money doing something they love. Our opportunity makes combining business with pleasure is easier than ever before. From the moment you sign up as an FM World business partner, you’ll be given the resources and guidance you’ll need to design your career, manage your time, and build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Better yet, FM World is completely free to join – with no start-up costs or extra fees. We’ll never push minimum order prices or targets – and you’ll never have to hold stock. You’ll truly work at your pace, and in line with your ambitions.

Whether you’re a sales pro, have no experience at all, or are somewhere in between, we can’t wait to welcome you to our thriving network marketing community – where you’ll be able to discover and sell our in-demand line of ‘affordable luxury’ products, benefit from incentives including bonuses, cars, and luxury holidays, and unlock huge earning potential.

Joining FM World UK is a simple and quick process. All you’ll need to do is fill in an online form, decide whether you’d like to be a preferred buyer or a distributor (as a distributor you could also build a team of your own if you wish) – and you’ll be ready to start selling/benefit from your automatic discounts.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to pay any fees or buy a starter kit – joining us as a member is 100% free. In addition, we’ll make sure you’re signed up for all the training you’ll need to succeed.

If you’d like to join FM World and start building your dream lifestyle, click here to get started.

The acronym MLM stands for ‘multi-level-marketing’ – a business model and form of network/direct sales that replaces advertising campaigns and storefronts with the power of genuine human connection. In the MLM model, sales are based on direct contact between business representatives and customers – slim lining the product route and allowing for the offering of attractive and unique goods, often at excellent prices.

FM World operates on an MLM basis – allowing its sales representatives and business owners the power to control the path of their own career, manage their own time, and influence their own earnings. This model is a well-established way of selling – and simply allows for many more self-led opportunities than many traditional career paths.

FM World is one of the world’s largest perfume and cosmetic distributors – dominating and transforming the industry of everyday luxury products using the network marketing model since 2004. Originally founded in Poland by Artur Trawiński, FM World has fast expanded on a global scale – boasting a well-developed product range over the perfume, cosmetics, skincare, nutrition, and home categories. Now one of the world’s largest MLM companies, FM World prides itself on its consistent ability to offer high-quality products at attractive prices, its ethical direct selling model, and, of course, its booming community of empowered representatives.

Joining FM World can bring you amazing benefits; not just financially, but to your lifestyle too. FM believes that everyone should be able to create their own business at the pace they want – bringing independence, flexibility, and the opportunity to build financial freedom whilst following passions. No matter their goal and business plan, every FM World business partner will enjoy:

  • Signing up for free! No joining fees or upfront costs
  • Learning everything they’ll need to know, 100% free and with no experience required
  • Saving money on FM products
  • Flexible working; work whenever and wherever 
  • Earning commission and direct profits from both individual and team efforts
  • No targets 
  • Amazing incentives to aim for including holidays and cars
  • Unconditional training and support from other members
  • An incredible sense of community

You’ll be pleased to know that joining FM World is completely free! No joining or upfront cost means anyone, no matter their experience with direct selling, can become a member of FM and get earning. Purchasing products to try out yourself beforehand is at your own discretion but by no means a requirement. We do however advise that members wishing to, in the future, build their own sales group or team, familiarise themselves with the vast range of products FM has to offer by investing a small cost into some samples, which will quickly become their main work tools. The great thing about working with FM World is that you will have full control over how much you want to spend, making it incredibly easy to mould your business to suit your unique lifestyle.

FM World opens the door to incredible opportunities for all of its members; whether it be financial liberation, time freedom, or pursuing lifelong passions as a business. The sense of teamwork and family bond is unmatched here – with a fantastic company culture that values the importance of an effective work/life balance, you will feel appreciated at each step.

With ongoing support from members and mentors, you will have the chance to work towards fulfilling goals and move up the ladder toward great success. When working with your sales group to accumulate points for better rewards, you will gain the experience, advice, and personal development needed to take on a team of your own. The growth available to you with FM World is huge – as is your income potential.

Despite what you might think, joining FM World is easy! Simply complete and submit our registration form with your preferred member status. If you’d like to sign up and benefit from personal shopping discounts then the ‘preferred customer’ tier is best for you. If you’re interested in a career in direct selling and working with a team of other members to earn points and rewards, then choose ‘distributor’. Both options are available for those wanting to start up or interested in the industry, and with upfront costs or fees, FM World is ready to welcome you!

FM World has limitless opportunities for self-development and incredible earning potential. The amount you earn as an FM member is all dependent on your performance and drive to succeed. FM strive to reward those that work hard – so adhere to an extensive marketing compensation plan, consisting of three parts (each with its own achievement and income levels).

Whether you join as an FM World distributor or preferred customer, you will have the opportunity to earn a direct profit by selling products to customers. For example, our Pure Collection perfumes have a distributor price of £17. We recommend selling it at a retail price of £24 – making you a profit of £7 for just one product. (Prices are current at 11/08/23).

In addition to direct profits, FM World also offers the chance to earn through commission! When you purchase stock at trade prices, whether for yourself or to be sold on, your account will be credited with points. Every month, these points build up within a personal and group total. Points help to determine your bonus level, and the more potential commission and incentives you could be eligible to receive depending on your structure!

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