Why Sponsor Preferred FM Customers

Published on

17 December 2015


Strong Habet Team

Why Sponsor Preferred Customers

When someone joins FM World UK they have the option to select Preferred Customer status. They receive the same discounted prices as Distributors do, but they can’t build a team until they upgrade to Distributor status.

Some people say there is no point in sponsoring someone who not looking to build a business and you might as well just keep them as your own customer and earn the retail profit.

So why would you want them to become a Preferred Customer?

For some of the same reasons that the most successful supermarket chains introduced loyalty cards.

Easy Communication

To make their customers more likely to order by keeping them informed about special offers, With FM Group, once you sponsor a Preferred Customer the company automatically lets them know about special offers.

The Power of Points

The chance to get cash back or, in the case of FM, bonuses by placing a certain amount of orders encourages people to order more.

Why Sponsor Preferred FM Customers

Discounted Prices

Supermarkets often send discounted vouchers or money off coupons to entice customers to shop with them again or spend a certain amount.

FM Preferred Customers know they can get discounted prices on our products every time.

Online Shopping

People love to shop online, each year the increasing amount spent at Xmas online rather than in the high streets prove this. You can give your customers the chance to do the same thing when they register as Preferred Customers.


When people have a good shopping experience, get value for money, discounts and see how easy it is to order, they are more likely to tell their friends about it too.

They might well decide to get a kit and begin team building too.

All of these benefits mean more Group Points for you, which moves you up the bonus structure and can help increase your income.

People who don’t live in the same town as you, those you meet once (for example on a stand) and your online contacts are all ideal people to tell about the opportunity they have to register for free and buy at discounted prices whenever they wish.

Of course, not everyone will want to purchase this way, some of your customers, especially local ones, might simply prefer to order from you and that is fantastic as it will give you your retail profit.

The best way to grow your FM income is from a mixture of retail profit and team bonuses, for more information about Team Building click here.