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Published on

11 May 2016


Strong Habet Team

Why You Have to Agree with Objections

When you are talking to someone about joining your network marketing team, they might well come up with objections about why they don’t want to join.

You need to understand that their objection is completely genuine in their own mind. You might not understand it, but it is not about you, it is about them. You don’t know their circumstances or what is going on in their life at this moment.

They expect you to listen to their objection, and by agreeing with their reason you will show them that you are concerned about them and respect them.

The alternative, is to tell them that they are wrong! Immediately you do this they will not listen to anything else you say and you have lost them.

By simply saying things like “Of course”, “It is okay”, “I understand”, “Yes, I see” they will notice you agree with them and listen to you more when you offer a solution.

Listening is a very important skill, especially when it comes to building a big team. Comforting people and trying to understand their problems is crucial. People love to be listened to and to have somebody pay them attention. By then also offering them a solution to a problem they have you will build a relationship with them for a long time.

Try this approach with your next prospects and see for yourself the difference it can make.

Share this idea with your team members so that they can improve their objection handling skills too.