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02 October 2017


Strong Habet Team

FM Mix and Match Cosmetics Frequently Asked Questions

The innovative FM mix and match palettes are proving very popular, and today we wanted to share with you the answers to some common questions people ask about these products:

What is the FM Mix and Match system?

The module magnet system called Mix and Match is a unique solution that enables you to combine your favourite FM World Federico Mahora makeup cosmetics in convenient palettes. FM World has a broad range of Federico Mahora cosmetics in the form of exchangeable inserts, which offers you a way to create a palette for both everyday makeup and special occasions. FM World provides you with eyeshadows, powders, blushes, highlighters to create your dream sets. The solution will work for you in everyday life and when you travel: you can take your handy essential makeup products in your favourite colours wherever you go.

What palettes does FM World offer?

FM offers small and large Mix and Match palettes. The small palette can accommodate four eyeshadows or a blush and a highlighter, or one powder.

fm world small mix and match palette

The large palette is twice as big and can accommodate up to eight eyeshadows, four blushes or two powders. You can combine the cosmetics as you wish, e.g. place a powder, a blush and two eyeshadows in a large palette. The palettes are elegant, close with magnets and have a satin cover. The compact form of the packaging takes up less space than a vanity bag.

Can the palettes be reused?

Yes. With FM Mix and Match, you can fill your palette up many times, replacing your used products with new ones of the same size. You can also combine varied sets of eyeshadows and other cosmetics in the same palette, depending on your mood and occasion. Every Mix and Match product can be bought separately.

Which cosmetics can be placed in the Mix and Match palettes?

FM World offer eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters and powders in a broad range of colours. The cosmetics in the form of inserts are available in three sizes: eyeshadows are the smallest, blushes and highlighters are double the size, and powders are four times larger than eyeshadows. With this simple arithmetic, you can ll your palette with your favourite products of the matching size.

federico mahora make up palette from fm world

Are the inserts safe in the palettes?

Yes, every insert has a magnetic cover that keeps it in place in the palette. When purchased, it is packed in a protective transparent plastic case.

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